A new crypto community backed by Web 3 developers, graphic artists, marketing geniuses, and financial mentors have created unique 3d animated art that offers passive income utilities for holders, including Ethereum and Bitcoin mining, as well as two DAO investment portfolios where species will compete against each other to earn rewards.

January 7th, 2022 – Meta Mutants Club is delighted to announce the introduction of a new sci-fi NFT. The Meta Mutants Club NFTs comprises of unique 3d animated art with passive income utilities including Ethereum and Bitcoin mining, along with two DAO investment portfolios in which species will compete against each other to earn exclusive rewards. The team is expected to release the collection in March 2022.

The increasing adoption of blockchain technology is gradually paving the way for an even larger adoption of NFTs. All things considered, non-fungible tokens have enshrined themselves as reliable investment instruments with tremendous potential. 

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 DeFi Policy-Maker Toolkit, the value of assets held by Decentralized Finance or DeFi smart contracts (including DOAs) grew 18-fold from the year 2020 to a current value of $13 billion.

As the world embraces the boundless possibilities of the metaverse, smart investors are turning to NFTs as the new digital gold. Recently, global social media giant, Facebook, changed its name to Meta and announced the launch of its virtual world. Many other brands and businesses have also created or indicated the desire to develop a unique representation of themselves in the metaverse.

Meta Mutants Club insists that the goal of any smart investor at this point should be to figure out what NFTs are the most profitable to invest in.

“In a community-backed by Web 3 developers, graphic artists, marketing geniuses, and financial mentors, there is nothing you can’t accomplish being a part of the Meta Mutants Club.” – Meta Mutants Team

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