James Von Gordon is a US artist specializing in Meta-art creation, a new form of art style. His new online gallery showcases stunning artworks with unparalleled technique and unique art style.

James Von Gordon, a Meta-art creator, and painting artist, is proud to announce a new online gallery that showcases his prominent Meta-art artworks and art shop. This long-awaited gallery is addressed to worldwide audiences that can reach all levels of art lovers and welcome art collectors to purchase original art, prints, and merchandise from the artist. “I’m excited to announce my new online gallery. As a painter, I have been selling art since I was a teenager. With an online gallery, I hope that the worldwide audience can see my latest artworks, and I’m looking forward to having my artworks hung on their walls,” said the artist who defines himself as Spanish Basque/Berber.

Gordon’s new gallery and art shop are now available to enjoy on the


Gordon’s recent artworks reflect his maturity in art and artistic versatility. He uses diverse objects to make stunning artworks in various mediums. Gordon’s painting themes focus on Meta-art creation. He said that the Meta-art style is an eclectic style of art combining the dimensional beauty of oil paint with the spectra versatility of acrylics, and brush, with the dimension quality of pallet knife, including pour, in the same artistic offering. This combined with vivid color contrast. In addition to the Meta-art style, Meta-Art, in its final construct, contains elements of Impressionistic-Surrealistic Fantasy, although presented in a Meta-Art Matrix. The presentation is to be a transcendental dynamic narrative of a harmonious paradigm shift toward a serene soul.

James Von Gordon is an artist who specializes in Meta-art creation and the original Meta-art style creator. His painting presents a transcendental dynamic narrative of a harmonious paradigm shift toward a serene soul. Gordon’s artworks take his art lovers to a different world by conveying certain messages to the masses through slick compositions and vivid colors.

James Von Gordon’s online gallery was established to show off his recent Meta-art works and introduce his Meta-art style to the masses. Anyone interested in Meta-art creation can also purchase artworks available in the art shop. The website is beautifully designed with easy navigation to provide the greatest art viewing and shopping experience. The Meta-art artworks are available in various media; Original artworks, prints, and various merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, phone cases, porcelain ornaments, and more.

About James Von Gordon Meta-art artist

James Von Gordon is a Meta-art artist from the USA. He has been selling art since he was a teenager. Nowadays, he thrives into a well-known Meta-art artist and is recognized as a “Trusted Art Seller” with The Art Storefronts Organization. James Von Gordon is a versatile artist. He works with various mediums like oil paint and acrylic to create stunning artworks with strong colors. In his online gallery, he showcases his Meta-art works, presenting narrative arts through a dynamic composition on various media.

For more information about James Von Gordon and purchasing his artworks, please visit his online gallery on

Media Contact
Contact Person: James Von Gordon
Email: Send Email
Phone: 503-462-2237
Address:10824 SE Oak Street # 101
City: Milwaukie
State: Oregon
Country: United States

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