Meliously Sofa Cushion Support: Shop This Best Selling Product at Amazon.

Bringing comfort and luxury to every house in the USA, Meliusly is a brand built around products that solve annoying furniture problems. Shop at Amazon.

New York City, New York – Improving lives. One home at a time.

Meliusly is a brand for various sofa support products. Their exclusive premium quality Sofa Cushion Support Board is available at Amazon.

Sofa Cushion Support Board

Meliusly Sofa Cushion Support Board is made out of engineered wood covered in Oxford Polyester especially because of the sturdiness and anti-skid features.

Meliusly Sofa Cushion Support Board helps to improve the posture by improving the firmness of the sofa, solving problems like backache which are caused by sagging and worn out sofas. Improved firmness also extends the sofa life. It is extremely easy to use and can be fit to almost any sofa size. It comes with panels that can be folded up to make the supporter fit virtually any sofa size.

Meliusly also manufactures other products which include Sleeper Sofa Boards and Stove Top Liners.

Team Behind Meliusly

Founded in 2020 by Ben and Laura, an engineer couple that likes to come up with DIY solutions to annoying problems in and around their home. A luxury sofa often comes with years of warranty but seldom do they survive through it. Replacing sagging cushions of the sofa or the whole sofa often can burn a hole in the pocket. Ben and Laura’s Sofa Support Board offers a solution to this problem that is simple yet effective.

Meliusly has many happy customers. One satisfied customer reviewed the shopping experience: β€˜I was definitely a little skeptical as to how this product actually works. The concept is simple enough but was unsure of how it functioned in actual application. I was surprised at just how well it works and how much more comfortable and like new it made our couch feel. We will be buying one for our love seat as well.’

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