Meet the 100 Days Team – Leading the Evolution of DeFi Through Trust & Transparency

Welcome “Space Cadets” to 100 Days: an income generating NFT protocol coming to the Avalanche Blockchain. Our team has been working diligently for the past few months developing not just a protocol, but hopefully an innovative brand that can disrupt the defi space for the better.

Disruption; however, can only become possible from careful observation. I’m sure most people reading this have had conversations with their spouse, friend, family member, or simply fellow crypto-mate about the state of crypto and defi, and what they would do differently if they could. And for those that have lifted the curtain and taken a role as a working member of the space, I am sure it became more apparent, why things are done commonly in the manner that they are, and how complex going against the grain may be. Nevertheless, there comes a time when the pros outweigh the cons, and after series of rugpulls, questionable backgrounds of personnel exposing the achilles heels of crypto giants, empty promises, and more, I believe that time has come.

Doxing and the multiple states of KYC

Crypto, for argument sake, was built on the power of anonymity and freedom — a trustless transaction carried out through an immutable code. The credited originator of Bitcoin (BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto, is an unknown icon, who’s nameless and absent activity gave roots to the power of algorithmic code conducting the spark of technological advances; which are rapidly ramping up to “Web 3.0”. And although, anonymity worked in favor for the foundation of crypto, the current evolution of smart contracts, and the rapid speed of transactions in comparison to the BTC blockchain, has raised the opportunity for opportunists to prey on the average crypto investor: you and me.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before, anonymity could no longer be tolerated from the crypto community and projects have taken alternative measures to providing a level of trust and transparency in various styles of doxxing or KYC.

For educational background and literal terminology clarification: Doxing (or doxxing), which comes from the term “dropping docs,” is the act of revealing someone’s sensitive information online (1). KYC stands for “Know Your Customer/Client”, and is a process where a person verifies their identity and other credentials (2). Therefore, doxxing technically means someone exposed their information, and would be a case where a project initially KYC’ed to an audit firm for their project, and if later on they went and maliciously stole from their customers/investors through an exploit in the code, an act also known as “rugging”, the audit firm would have the ability to dox the personal information of that team.

The world of crypto can be cutthroat and crazy, arguably more-so than the real world, because people are constantly exposing themself to the power and knowledge of computational code and algorithms; the bread and butter of crypto. However, because of this, projects lately have been KYC’ing to each other, as a compromise to the rising demand for more transparency, while still limiting the amount of personal information that floats around the web. For safety and security reasons, this is an understandable measure. However, it has not reduced the potential for misconduct by a crypto project, with “self-proclaimed” or “privately” KYC’ed projects still running away with investors money under false pretenses.

To KYC or not to KYC?

As it is expected of publicly traded and/or corporate companies, we believe the time has arrived for public KYC’ing to become the golden standard and requirement of any project, protocol, or company in the crypto space hoping to obtain a valuation of hundreds of thousands, millions, or even billions of dollars. The reason is simple: public KYC’ing demands a level of responsibility from the individual or team and promotes a sense of trust, one could argue could never be achieve through anonymity.

From a project or team perspective: this could be a huge security and reputational risk. Often “investors” of the space are quick to deem the loss of monetary value in their investment, as solely due to the incompetencies of the team, rather than accepting the responsibility in the autonomy of crypto and the individualism attached to each person’s financial decisions; a beauty and a curse.

From a retail investor perspective: having the trust of transparency and a level of humanness attached to a project, promotes a more personable nature in the fiscal journey of the investment. Through a Darwinistic lens, it is human to believe that a person will put their best foot forward when they have more to lose. Not to mention, an investor, can be a bit more sure they won’t become a repeat victim to the same malicious group of people or individual. No-one wants to find themselves on the other end of a “smartcoin” (in reference to the video below).

Get to know the team behind “100 Days”

In hopes to set the bar, we want to open the lines of transparency and communication by voluntarily KYC’ing ourselves to our aspiring community. And we hope that through this, and our subsequent hard work, we can set a new standard in the defi space, built on trust and transparency.

Arsh Johri | Discord Name: JjDrakeo#2362

Arsh is a Co-founder of 100 Days. He is currently enrolled at Princeton University as a double major in Financial Engineering and Neuroscience. He is a researcher by nature, and as we all know, once someone starts researching crypto they never stop. This is what fascinates and drives Arsh in what he believes to be the new age of finance. In his eyes, crypto is where Finance, Technology, and Art merge in harmony. Arsh has been a leader of both Financial and Neuroscience boards hosting events with several Fortune 500 companies raising over $15 million in funding for local organizations. He believes the best way to learn anything is via a collaborative effort, truly being in tune with the community, and leveraging their knowledge in every way possible.

Rohit Chopra | Discord Name: x42#6459

Rohit is a Co-founder of 100 Days. He started as a crypto enthusiast turned investor. Quickly, he realized the true utility and power of the underlying blockchain technology and the positive impact it can have on society as a whole; giving power back to the people. “The change is much bigger than we can imagine.” Before that, Rohit worked in several leadership and strategy roles in Technology across multiple industries. He was a Tech Executive at T-mobile. Others at Walt Disney Company, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Citigroup, and Microsoft. In his 20’s Rohit formed a private Real Estate Trust Fund and built it up to a $30 million fund in less than a year. Along with that he has formed a Boutique Fitness business from scratch and scaled it to multiple locations across the Greater Seattle area. Rohit dropped out of Harvard to pursue his dreams. He has a growth mindset and is a trusted leader with proven capability to successfully navigate uncharted waters, devise the big picture and execute with strategy and tactics to drive it all the way through multiple domains; delivering high value to its community.

Tommy Stephenson | Discord Name: Dermonte#5748

Tommy is a core member of 100 Days and assistive in overseeing the development aspects of the project. He has an extensive background in this field and brings a ton of experience including but not limited to the following: CTO and Co-Founder of TruTrace Technologies, the first blockchain-centric track and trace platform built for enterprise. Tommy is also founder and CEO of Heated Details, Inc. a 22-year Seattle based award winning design & development firm delivering technology and creative services to fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Google, Mercedes-Benz. Co-founder of OrionOne Global, a revolutionary global supply chain SaaS platform. Tommy brings tremendous expertise and an impeccable track record in product development and digital marketing for web and mobile solutions. He is a widely respected and sought-after technologist.

Darryl Jordon | Discord Name: TerrorZone_101#2991

Darryl is a core member of 100 Days (and your Author today). He was first introduced to the idea by Arsh back in December 2021, through a formerly named defi project called MetaversePro. There, Darryl had shown his character, conduct, and vision for a more educated and professional approach to the investors of the defi space. He went from discord member to community manager of the 32,000 members of the server, fairly quickly. He implemented a culture of education through impromptu community chats on technical and fundamental analysis indicators, as well as, conducted weekly educational classes covering various topics. Darryl also stressed business conduct, aiming for an expectation of professionalism in his management of the community. In his professional career, he is a pediatric critical care nurse, and with this, he brings the transferable skills of being an advocate for others, detail-oriented, and hard working. He works best under pressure and takes pride in anything he puts his name on, and with this here, consider it applied.

Official Links

Our social sites opened publicly the week of March 20th, 2022. You can follow us and our journey at any of the official links below, though Discord will serve as our primary source of communication. We have helpful tips on how to navigate Discord to make it more user friendly to our community. We hope to see you in there and look forward to making an imprint on the defi space.

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