Meet Metafrens, an NFT Making a Positive Impact by Daniel Pessin & Digital Mind

Metafrens is an NFT created by Daniel Pessin and the team at Digital Mind Inc. The developer and designer who helped create the NFT, Bohdan Riabunets and Yaruna Savustska both live in Ukraine.

“When we started our NFT project, we knew we wanted to help create a positive impact, but we didn’t know which organization to choose. After talking with Bohdan and Yaruna and hearing about their situations and how difficult everyday life had become in Ukraine due to the war, we knew we wanted to help,” said Daniel Pessin.

“Now I look at life from a completely different angle,” Bohdan Riabunets said. “People don’t value what they have until they lose it. Now we have learned to live with this situation. Yesterday I was sitting in my office and watched as rockets flew by and exploded and it was like how I once watched lightning from a thunderstorm.”

Metafrens has committed to donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Come Back Alive Organization based in Ukraine. The Come Back Alive Organization, founded in 2014, provides support to the armed forces of Ukraine. The organization does not use funds for purchasing arms. Their mission is to supply technology and training to help defend Ukrainians.

Metafrens is an NFT launching on April 30, 2022. In addition to donating to the Come Back Alive Organization, each NFT holder will be able to vote on different decisions made by the community. There will also be a community fund, which will be used for community events for the NFT holders.

“We wanted our NFT to be unique and I believe we have accomplished that goal,” Daniel Pessin said. “I’m excited for the future of the NFT space. I think more NFT projects will be created to help bring awareness and funding to important social causes.”

Metafrens is an NFT collection of 1000 frens. The NFT was created by Daniel Pessin and the team at Digital Mind Inc. For more information on Metafrens, visit

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