Meet “Leballoo” the Top Music Marketing Agency in Southern California Taking Artists to Millions.

So the big question is what is “Leballoo” this interesting company has started there mission in 2017. With one mission… “to put more money into the artist’s pocket and break the locks of the gate keepers” quoted by the CEO Ishmael Khan in an interview in early 2022. 

This company been breaking records and making major strides in the industry today. But know what are the ingredients that makes this company so successful? The answer is the talent pool that runs this company. Leballoo is ran by a team of 25 employees, in an interview with the CEO we asked what does it take to work for Leballoo; “First a candidate must be screened in our facebook ads course and must score a 95% or better, then next they must pass a 90 minute time management assessment simulating them into a high pressure environment and they must score above the 85th median average. And then must go thru a 60 day probationary internship where they are faced with huge marketing projects and must complete them within the timeframe or else they suffer immediate expulsion”. So In a nutshell, this company is one tough cookie. 

Now why is this company breaking into the industry as the first hybrid agency? 

First this company starts with signing up an artist with distribution to get them placements on all major music platforms, then Leballoo goes into there first phase of marketing, where their golden touch comes into effect. Leballoo creates a targeting campaign directly focused on bringing the fan into the artists pocket. The CEO of Leballoo stated “Our goal is the fill up artists pockets with fans, an artist should have access to them at all times and should be at the artists fingertips, and this is what our company does for musicians.” Leballoo claims that there campaigns are data driven, heading into this new era. “Data is king” which allows Leballoo to target growth from a new clever approach which is putting other traditional marketing agencies to brink of collapse. 

The CEO claims best part of Leballoo “is yet to come” going into the future they are planning on revolutionizing the future of music with NFTs, Crypto, and Decentralized music streaming platforms. 

This unicorn company has been popping up everywhere sparking major media buzz. Leballoo has been affiliated with major artists like Blac Chyna, Gunna, Keemokazi, Eljay & Ysb Tril and many others. And have claimed to work directly with A&Rs from Capitol Records, RCAA Records & Atlantic Records on artist development. 

So the big question, “Can I trust this company with my music and more importantly my money?” 

Analyzing Leballoo from the outside looking in, based on there company profile, business model & qualifications in artist growth. They seem qualified enough to create an environment where an artist can thrive. Leballoo gets the stamp of approval. 

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