Meet Fritz Colcol – a Serial Entrepreneur & a Fitness Influencer

Some of the most notable entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to try on new hats and business ventures. Fritz Colcol, an entrepreneur who has taken home several awards for his achievements, is a perfect example of someone who is not afraid to constantly push and challenge himself in new ways just as award-winning athletes or musicians do. This can be equated with trying out new hobbies like paddle-boarding which teaches you how to master balance and coordination skills in a fun way! But of course, Colcol takes it up a notch!

Fritz Colcol could be seen as one of the critics’ most successful “serial entrepreneurs” out there, with his remarkable collection of achievements stemming from so many varying industries over the years. 

Everything You Need to Know About Fritz Colcol

Born in Philippines, and immigrating to the United States when he was 11, Fritz had a very common dream: to pursue a lucrative line of work. 

He is a Filipino-American entrepreneur based in Chicago and the owner of restaurants, founder of a digital marketing and consulting agency, and the co-owner of an apparel brand. Additionally, he’s involved in his personal training enterprise.

Fritz talks extensively about self-improvement through practical strategies. He shares the insights on this social media accounts. He has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global and Inc. magazine as well as other prestigious platforms. Formerly managing his own business network and engaged with followers to position it strategically, he now helps entrepreneurs build large networks and reach savviness in their respective industries by putting their expertise at the core of what they do.

His business involves restaurants, Simply Thalia and Thalia Spice which are popular on the eastern side of the US. He is also the co-founder of a clothing brand.

How Did Fritz Get into The Fitness Industry?

Back in college, he made one of the boldest decisions to switch his major from Computer Engineering to Kinesiology Exercise Science when realizing his passion for fitness. After completing his graduation, he got the chance to work for TrimTUF – a fat-burning tea company, as a fitness ambassador to represent the company’s products in Silicon Valley and ended up becoming the chief marketing officer. There he helped the company generate seven figures in only 6 months. This gave Colcol the recognition in this digital marketing era. He is also a professional athlete for Men’s Physique in the IPE League and received the ‘Mr. Illinois 2016’ title.

He tries to stay fit and acknowledges that it’s something worth keeping up with his busy schedule. Fritz is dedicated to his multifaceted interests ranging from business to surfing and follows his heart wherever it may lead him. For anyone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey and finding it difficult to figure out, Colcol is a prime example to look at!

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