Meet a 16-Year-Old Basketball Player From Houston, Texas

Adam Elbatrawy has played for some of the top AAU teams and has been featured on multiple Televisions Channels such as Peacock TV, CNBC Sports, and many more.

Starting his basketball career when he was very young, he has played against one of the best teams in the nation, Donda Academy.He’s always been passionate about basketball since at an early age and committed to becoming a professional.

A multi-talented young man, Adam is not just a basketball player. He has also broken records in the running events and has been playing football since he was a little kid. His goal is to be a pro basketball player, and he’s well on his way with all of his hard work and dedication.

Adam Elbatrawy has also been featured on multiple Televisions Channels such as Peacock TV, CNBC Sports, and many more.

Adam is a future prospect. He has been practicing windmill dunks at 16 and has videos on google. You can see his videos here.

With his talent and hard work ethic, the future is now for this up-and-coming basketball player.

Adam always knew he wanted to be a basketball player, and his dreams have turned into a reality due to his passion for sports. He is truly a gem in the world of basketball.

He is an all-around player who runs the floor well, scores outside with consistency, and is a tremendous teammate. He’s already making waves in the court and striving to shine brighter in sports. He played for blue chips and houston hoops against donda and many other top ranking teams

Adam Elbatrawy is an up-and-coming basketball player from Houston, Texas. His individual season goal is to at least score 15 points per game and be a good team player. His dream goal is to play at the highest level of basketball and to be able to dunk by 10th or 9th grade.

He wants to make a difference in the game of basketball by being the best player he can be. He loves sports and has been working hard every day to become better at what he does.

He is a junior with his sights set on becoming an expert in his field. After spending time at a prestigious summer camp, Adam has developed an excellent jump shot and a better understanding of the game.

He spent his last years playing for his hometown team and hopes to continue to grow as a player and reach his goals of playing at the highest level possible.

The sky is the limit!

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