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FEBRUARY 8, 2022 – KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Some jobs require ultimate protection to avoid bodily harm, especially hand jobs. Employers need to protect their workers’ hands at all costs. It’s a need when handling riskier jobs by using the ideal gloves. Some companies worldwide specialize in the quality production of gloves for various roles. Medrux is one such company in Malaysia with expertise in producing and supplying high-quality disposable gloves locally and internationally.

Surgical Sterile Gloves

Medrux has the machinery to produce ATOMX latex surgical sterile gloves with a textured finish and a stout grip. The glove protects medical practitioners during medical operations or medication administration. The making of the gloves follows standard set rules to eliminate any possible tears or allergic reactions to the users. For proper use, Medrux ensures that it uses a straight cuff with EXACTFIT technology, which prevents rolling down or cuff roll-down when in use.

Industrial Nitrile Gloves

Some industrial tasks are heavy, requiring heavy-duty gloves for the proper user’s hands’ protection. Safety is a need that Medrux seems to understand well in its glove production. The company produces Medrux PRO, a heavy-duty nitrile glove ideal for industrial clients handling heavy-duty tasks. The glove comes with maximum grip and a raised diamond texture. The glove is ambidextrous, fits the hand well, comes in various sizes and counts, is of superior grade, and is resistant to chemicals. Due to its stout nature, the glove can protect hands from being cut by sharp objects.

Medical Gloves

Since hospitals and medical institutions use gloves a lot, Medrux specializes in producing three unique medical glove types for various purposes. It has a MEDRUX nitrile examination glove for high-grade protection. The glove is versatile, latex and powder-free, and comes with optimal quality. The second medical glove is the aloe vera-coated skin-protected MEDRUX nitrile aloe vera glove. It has the qualities of the first glove plus being biocompatibility tested and having a superb grip. The MEDRUX latex examination glove is the alternative to the nitrile glove for any client with allergies. It is an eco-friendly, ambidextrous, highly versatile, and textured finish glove. The glove is made from Medrux’s anatomic formers to boost comfort and fit while reducing hand fatigue.

Glove Insights

Not everyone knows everything about gloves. This is something that Medrux seems to understand best, hence it has created an insights section to help clients. It breaks down information about materials used in making gloves and their ideal use. The articles advise clients on the best gloves for various tasks to avoid mixing things up.

Company Information

Medrux is a disposable glove-producing company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It specializes in manufacturing and supplying medical, surgical, and industrial gloves for various purposes. The company uses high-quality materials to produce ideal industrial and medical-grade gloves that serve different purposes. Interested clients can procure disposable gloves for protection at work, industrial work, food handling, and medical service delivery.

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