Medical Chart Scanning Services: 5 Benefits to Using a Pro

medical chart scanning services bring distinct benefits to busy office and clinics.

Burnaby, BC — (ReleaseWire) — 05/20/2022 — Is it time to consider medical records scanning and digitization? There are some compelling reasons to do so.

The benefits of going paperless or at least reducing paper are manifold. Beyond caring for the environment and reducing clutter, the team at Micro Com has allowed medical offices in Vancouver and throughout BC to realize distinct, industry specific advantages to scanning and digitizing all kinds of medical records and charts. For more, go to

The team at Micro Com Systems Ltd. already collaborates with dozens of medical clients, annually digitizing hundreds of thousands of patient charts, x-rays, and other medical records in a fraction of the time it would require to be processed by office staff.

Digitization of medical records provides electronic storage and management of health records and patient data, which offers 5 distinct benefits to busy medical offices.

Key Benefits of Scanning Medical Records/Charts

– Disaster Recovery – Once paper patient charts are digitized, the data can be stored on office systems, and backed up off-site for an extra layer of protection against fire, theft, deterioration, misfiling or loss.

– Worldwide Retrieval – Once digitized, patient files can be safely retrieved on-line instantly from anywhere—there is no more need to maintain paper charts.

– EMR Compatible – all historical charts can be stored as PDF attachments to the patient’s file in your EMR system. There’s even an option to structure data so it will easily import into most EMR systems.

– Standalone System – for offices without an EMR, files can be stored on encrypted and password protected electronic media. MCS can provide simple, inexpensive solutions to securely access files.

– Full solution EMR Conversion – simplify EMR system conversion—for offices considering converting from paper based filing, Micro Com can leverage data from existing patient records or billing system to vastly reduce conversion costs.

For offices interested in medical chart scanning and digitization, Micro Com Systems offers an evaluation program where specific needs are assessed—and a free sample, using an office’s own records are provided.

Contact Micro Com Systems to learn more about digital conversion.

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