Bangladeshi cyber security specialist and entrepreneur, Md. Real, leverages his business acumen to grow the revenue of Star IT Lab, a one-stop IT company from $0 to $3.5 million in 21 months

Md. Real has built a reputation as an entrepreneur and social media influencer, with his business prowess further brought to bear following the feats achieved with Star IT Lab, a one-stop IT company in Bangladesh as the CEO of the firm. The 22-year-old versatile individual was able to grow the company’s income from $1 million to $3.5 million within 21 months.

Entrepreneurship remains an art that only a few possess and can effectively implement. Statistics reveal that over 50% of new businesses collapse before their first anniversary, with another 25% failing to make it to their fifth year. Consequently, it takes a whole lot for any entrepreneur to build a successful business, which highlights the significance of the feats achieved by Md. Real in recent times.

Md. Real started his career as a digital marketer in PandaDoc before proceeding to the International Cyber Security Institute (ICSI) as a research associate and subsequently joining Good Firms as a business analyzer. He is also the co-founder of Star Business Development Limited, a business development company, where he works with top management staff and executives of organizations across industries to develop strategies to grow their brand.

The vocal artist brought his diverse experience and passion for business into play as the CEO of Star IT Lab. Real has an associate degree from the Department of Computer Science at University of the People and his prowess has been evident in Star IT Lab.

Star IT Lab is a full-service independent agency specialized in new-media/digital media headquartered in Savar, Bangladesh. The company was founded in 2014 to provide “out of this world” solutions that will help businesses thrive and outperform the competition in a dynamic environment. The company’s products became even more popular after Md. Real assumed the helm of affairs as the CEO, helping to deliver real-time innovation, quantifiable results, and lasting impressions. Star IT Lab has served over 200 hundred clients and executed more than 300 projects, amidst rave reviews from clients.

For more information about Md. Real and his works as an entrepreneur, online influencer, and artist, visit – Md. Real can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

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