Maxine Brown of MKB Life Coach Signs With Polished Perspective Publishing House to Tell Her Story in the Bestselling Anthology Titled From the Brink.

International Bestselling Book, From the Brink. Compiled by Natasha Tupper. Authors and contributors: Maxine Brown, Gwendolyn Childs, Megan Holt, Dominique (Dōmo) Jones, and Cara McLauchlan.
From The Brink Is A True Inspiration Full Of Transparency, Vulnerability and Victory.

Accomplished author and speaker, Natasha Tupper of The Polished Institute has teamed up with 5 incredible women in this international bestselling anthology to bring hope and healing to hurting hearts.

Maxine Brown’s transformative story is one of them.  These women have walked the walk and promptly relay their stories in this gripping book. The authors of From the Brink found their strength and decided life couldn’t bully them into a corner anymore. Instead, fueled by faith and determination, these women found a way to bounce back even better.  Now they are sharing their wisdom so readers can bloom better too. Discover the power that’s bubbling up beneath the pressure of life and how to use it to soar off the brink and in the bright future.  

Speaking about the book, Natasha Tupper said: ”What does a childless mother, motherless child, former addict and the girl with the walker all have in common?  They’ve been to the darkest of brinks and vibrantly found their way back. They tell their soul stirring stories in their newly released bestselling book From the Brink.”

Join in with women who are learning to see pressure as a birthing place instead of a death bed. Find the strength from a community of women who share how pain pushed them into the next dimension of life, and show you how you can use it too. From the Brink is much more than a book. It’s a blueprint for bouncing back from heartbreaking situations and blooming again.

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