Maureen Kuchta Announces the Launch of a New Book

“How to Win After Weight Loss Failures: Ten Amazing Ways to Ignite Your Health”

Are you struggling with your weight, and wondering what methods can actually work to keep the weight off? Author Maureen Kuchta has written How to Win After Weight Loss Failures – Ten Amazing Ways to Ignite Your Health to give you the answers you have been searching for. Her book is all about weight loss, and how you can change your whole life and become a better and happier you.


Maureen is a health coach, and knows what it takes to lose the weight and keep it off for good. She invites you to question yourself, and figure out what is holding you back from losing the weight to begin with. She believes that weight loss is not just a change in what you eat, it is an entire lifestyle change. Her book makes you look at every part of your life, and helps you to look at what can be improved, and what changes you can make to help you stay happy and focused on your goals. 

How to Win After Weight Loss Failures will help you to look at your goals and dreams, and see what is most important. It will get you out of your comfort zone, and out of your house, trying new things. Life is all about experiencing all there is, and Maureen believes that putting yourself out there and trying new things can help you to focus on what matters. 

If you focus on your goals and make things happen for yourself, you start to see the power you hold within you. It is time for you to get on your feet and start moving so you can see that you are able to make anything happen for yourself, if you set your mind to it. Maureen wants to help you lose the weight and focus on the amazingly strong person you are, so pick up her book, How to Win After Weight Loss Failures, and see the good that comes into your life. 

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