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Las Vegas, NV – December 30, 2021 – Massage Robotics, founded by Christian Mackin and Sean Mackin, have been invited to exhibit and showcase their innovative Robotics at the CES® convention January 5-8 2022.

CES is the global stage for innovation – the world’s most influential technology event. CES connects innovators, decision-makers, and the media – providing the ultimate platform for brands to showcase and launch their latest products and win business.

Life hurts, so the founders designed a life-sized autonomous massage robot with collaborative robotic arms and cloud artificial intelligence. From English to Mandarin users can control robot motion and force with their normal voice in 28 different languages.

With Machine Learning, the robot can create and recommend massage routines. In addition, users can build their own personalized routines and then share them using an intuitive mobile app.

Engineering: The robot is connected to Google Cloud Platform and utilizes AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing services. Users can talk to the robot in their normal voice to control motion and force during a massage routine. Algorithms and AI enable the robot to recognize patterns of what humans prefer. Sensors collect data from networked robots and, through ML, gain experience in what humans like. Using Bigdata and a Deep Learning Recommendation Engine, the robots learn to diagnose with increasing accuracy and prescribe massage routines with precision.

“We believe this will disrupt the global health and wellness industry for good,“ stated Christian Mackin.

Collaborative Robotics: The robot has two 6-axis collaborative robotic arms that are intrinsically safe due to mass, speed, gearing, and software limits. The robot is programmed with sophisticated algorithms and equations that process parameters from a database. Parameters such as tool-ID, location, duration, path, speed, and force describe a given routine segment. Segments can be strung together into an unlimited number of different full routines.

Sharing Massages: The robot is integrated with a mobile App. Users can intuitively create personalized massage routines and then share them publicly or privately. The robot uses a proprietary calibration process to measure each user’s body coordinates while setting up a profile. These coordinates are then used in an algorithm that enables users to share routines, so even the largest NFL football player can share with the tiniest ballerina.

Design: “People generally believe massage therapy relieves pain and stress and that it’s a far better alternative to prescription drugs or surgery, but it still doesn’t appeal to everyone,” stated Christian Mackin

WHY IS THAT? We think it’s because, among other things like economics, convenience, and the COVID-19 Pandemic, massage has a reputation for physcal misconduct that people don’t want to associate with. Nobody wants the jokes to be about them or worse; nobody wants to be assaulted.

For people with body image issues, the last thing that will relieve their stress is a stranger rubbing the imperfections they have the most insecurities about. In everything we do, Design Thinking guides how we empathize with humans. We believe good design is both beautiful and intelligent. With deliberate and distinctive use of contemporary modern style, innovative materials such as bio-resistant coverings, and Artificial Intelligence, we aim to create forms, surfaces, and technologies that excite the senses and inspire the mind. While user experience is our focus, 2X value creation for businesses and consumers is a high priority. By combining value from robotics with innovation, we believe our robot can transform how people find relief from the stress and pain of life and make massage therapy a significant part of their overall wellness program.

Superhuman Innovation: We have engineered a life-sized 3D massage robot that is one-size-fits-all. Using sensory data and algorithms for path planning, it morphs and reprograms autonomously to fit any size and give every customer a personalized experience. It touches humans in a way that is so unique, it has to be felt to fully comprehend. From the outside, it appears to move like a human, sense like a human, and talk like a human, but what is not apparent is its superhuman memory. We have augmented its innate superhuman robotic talent with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The robot recognizes patterns in profiles and preferences, together with an unimaginable amount of sensory data, from an unlimited number of connected robots. If you peer into the deep learning neural network pulling the robot’s strings, you will see a Recommendation Engine hosted on the Google Cloud AI Platform. You will know why the touch of this robot is so uncanny. It learned what humans like. It’s already evolving.

After every massage it completes, it knows more than the last. This futuristic product is designed to be accessible by consumers today. At health and wellness centers, with a low Robot-as-a-Service (RAAS) price point, we want to enable everyone to make robotic massage an integral part of their wellness program.

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