MASA Architectural Canopies Is Proud to Offer Walkway Covers for Commercial Properties

Piscataway, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 02/27/2022 — MASA Architectural Canopies, the national leader in the business of building shading and canopy projections for more than two decades, is proud to offer a variety of walkway covers for businesses all over the country. Hotels, hospitals, churches, schools and many other commercial properties have found that having their outdoor walkways covered is a benefit to their employees, customers, and others who come to their facilities.

There are lots of applications where having a covered walkway would be ideal for customers or patients. When airport buildings are built, they sometimes will offer covered walkways to get from the parking lot into the terminal. Commercial property builders will sometimes use covered walkways for customers to walk between different businesses in the commercial building.

Municipalities who want to encourage people to use public services such as public transport often will put up walkway covers that offer some protection to those waiting for the transport while others can still use the rest of the sidewalk to get where they are going. School systems that want to provide weather protection for their children will put them up for the students to wait until their bus comes to give them a ride home.

If the property is located where there is ice and snow, having a walkway cover over your sidewalks and other paths can present benefits for maintenance personnel as well as those who regularly use those paths. Those walkway covers help to prevent the build-up of ice and snow on the walkways, meaning less time clearing those paths.

MASA Architectural Canopies is the national leader in building canopies and awnings. Their walkway covers allow for unique shapes and sizes perfect for all sorts of applications while being lightweight and structurally sound.

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