MASA Architectural Canopies Is Proud to Feature Their Aluminum Metal Awning System – Alumiframe

Piscataway, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 05/05/2022 — MASA Architectural Canopies, the national leader in the business of building shading and canopy projections for more than two decades, is proud to offer their Alumiframe Canopy System, an all-aluminum metal awning system. This versatile offering has been used on hundreds of buildings of all sizes and shapes for use over doorways, windows, loading docks, and even over walkways as well.

To start with, because they are made from aluminum, our Alumiframe Canopy is lightweight. This aluminum material used in construction also means that they are virtually maintenance-free since aluminum doesn’t rust and these designs are structurally sound.

With their light weight it makes them much easier to attach to buildings where ever clients need them without as much support. When graphics and colors are added to the canopies, it makes the building easy to identify and gives it some character.

These Alumiframe Canopies are very adaptable to whatever a client’s needs might be, from custom coloring to adding custom graphics and logos. They also provide a great deal of weather protection where they are placed.

Because our Alumiframe Canopy is lightweight it allows for having long spans, such as over multiple loading docks on a warehouse. Other canopy systems would need to be broken up because of the weight, but not the Alumiframe Canopy. With the lightweight yet strong structure it also allows these canopies to be illuminated at night for security and general lighting over a walkway or doorway.

Their canopies also can be done with any pitch that you desire. In some cases, clients may want to have a canopy that just covers the windows or doorway, in other cases, they want to have an architectural statement with long, tall canopies that help to make the building and business distinctive and unique.

MASA Architectural Canopies is the national leader in building canopies and awnings. Their Alumiframe Canopy system allows for unique shapes and sizes perfect for all sorts of applications while being lightweight and structurally sound.

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