MaryRose Releases Her Newly Published Children’s Book for the Autistic Community

Spreading acceptance with the autistic community

The founder of Inclusive Universe, MaryRose Geroulakis, has recently published a children’s book designed to empower the autistic community. Titled ‘Communication Station,’ the book gives an account of an autistic boy traveling to space with his dog. MaryRose created the book with her autistic students, who shared their thoughts and ideas on how the story should be and what it should contain. They shared their favorite communication styles, which were included in the story. 

The book is designed for educational professionals and parents to use as a unique educational tool to facilitate learning among their children or students. Since April is Autism Acceptance Month, the book is right on time to celebrate their uniqueness. In the book, the young autistic boy is projected as a strong character who can overcome any obstacle. The story will help autistic children discover how powerful they are and how much they can be with their unique abilities.

The renowned Speech-language pathologist, MaryRose, is an ally of the autistic self-advocacy network. She uses her skills to improve the mindset of her students, making them feel safe in the world. MaryRose believes that inclusion does not mean bringing people into what already exists; it is making the world a better place for everyone. In her words, “Kindness and compassion are things we need most.”

Communication Station has attracted lots of 5-star reviews from Reader’s Favorites. According to Kathy Golden, “This is such a good story filled with colorful drawings, a sense of well-being and happiness, and a clear path to helping readers understand the importance of interacting in ways that could help autistic children feel safe and be a part of their external world. Thank you, MaryRose Geroulakis, for your engaging and educational story.” 

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