Marybel Marquez Continues to Expand Her Reach Across Industries

Passionate entrepreneur and experienced marketer, Marybel Marquez, set to conquer more industries as she ventures into more businesses

Marybel Marquez is not the average Los Angeles native as she continues to show her prowess in the ever-evolving business world as an investor and paralegal. The real estate investor and marketer with AA in merchandise marketing FIDM Los Angeles has practically seen it all and done it all, from working for an attorney As a paralegal , to running her own business in the legal field and investing in real estate as well as other instruments as she grows her portfolio.

The global business environment has evolved over the past decades, with technological advancements and the inherent solutions helping organizations as well as other stakeholders to enhance their operations and increase productivity. However, statistics that reveal that about 50% of businesses fail to make it to their fifth anniversary have continued to disturb experts. Consequently, feats such as the ones achieved by Marybel Marquez deserve all the accolades that have come the way of the versatile and creative Los Angeles-based investor.

Marybel Marquez is the founder ofΒ 911 Legal Documents, where she leverages her years of experience to provide clients with the necessary documents needed for different issues, in a timely, professional manner without requiring them to break the bank. She uses her experience working as a legal assistant paralegal as well as the exposure gotten in the business environment to deliver custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

In addition to her works in the legal field, Marybel Marquez is also a household name in the real estate industry, with expertise in flipping homes. The fitness enthusiast currently owns a couple of AirBnBs as well as a couple of stocks in line with her belief in long-term investments. She also worked in the buying segment of the fashion industry, earning an AA in Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, a move driven by her passion for fashion and beauty.

Marybel Marquez has delved into the world of blockchain in recent times, investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), describing it as β€œthe way of the future.”

For more information about Marybel Marquez and her works, visitΒ LinkedIn.

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