MarketLeag Tech Announces the Launch of Intellectual Property Accelerator

Get a sneak peak at what’s launching soon!!!

Secure the future of your Ideas, Inventions and business with Intellectual property strategies.
Marketleag Technology Company located at Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, is an Innovation and Intellectual Property Management, which is first of its kind in Africa that promotes business and inventions to avoid loss or theft.
We meet innovation needs at different levels with our modern tools to source and transfer technology, protect and commercialize intellectual property of any form for African Inventors, SMEs, researchers, creators, and the foreign counterparts.
We are set to help creator, artisan, inventors, designers, researchers, developers, and producers, small and medium enterprise business owners, protect and secure the future of their business and ideas through protection and effective Intellectual Property management and also to commercialize their product and services. Also to minimize the innovation bottlenecks that often confront the young talent researchers and developers to help the better at intellectual assets creation.
We’re here to help you benefit from our Intellectual property assets. We help Firms and new inventors grow their businesses and inventions by providing seamless connections between Intellectual property assets and experts within Africa and abroad on legal related Intellectual property issues.
Why is Intellectual property Important? It helps you prevent other competitors from taking charge of your innovations and gives a huge reward to your business and Innovations.
Get ready to sign up with us to prevent your business, inventions or Ideas from being stolen, or pirated.
With Market Leag Intellectual property, the requirement for gaining competitive advantage and also to earn premium valuation for your business is made easy.
Not to worry as we are launching out soon!!!

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