Access a set of unique tools

Market Sampler introduced a one-of-a-kind toolset for marketing agencies and design companies. Leveraging the power of fast and cost-effective market research, you can deliver better results to your clients with additional profits.

Before publishing a marketing campaign on YouTube or social media, use Ad Tester to run a test on a limited public audience. This is an excellent way to find out what people like or dislike about your ad and how they felt watching it. Avoid costly mistakes and create better ads based on public opinion feedback.

With Brand Auditor, you can run a spot-check to measure the state of a brand among select groups of target customers. Based on public opinion and market feedback, the tool makes it very easy to test and measure brand awareness, brand perceptions, and get real-world feedback about what people think about the company.

Similar to Brand Auditor, you can use Competitor Analyzer to run a test comparing multiple brands at once. Benchmark results side by side, and view brand perceptions and perceptual map.

If you need to conduct a market research, simply delegate the whole project to us. Following your specifications, we will provide a brief project proposal with a budget and timeline, carry out the research and deliver the results in just a few days. You will only get an invoice after the project is completed.

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Can I earn being a research partner?

As a research partner, you will be able to create and resell white-label research reports with uncapped profits, buy data for your research projects with reduced cost per response, or take a commission from referrals.

Do you offer support for partners?

To ensure you and your clients get the best results, we offer priority support and project progress tracking to our research partners.

How do marketing agencies use Market Sampler?

Most marketing agencies use our market research platform to conduct one or more of the following:

  • Idea validation
  • Concept testing
  • Testing marketing messages without ads
  • Testing creatives without advertising
  • Measuring brand awareness
  • Measuring brand acceptance
  • Identifying ideal segments to advertise to

Besides marketing agencies, Market Sampler is used by political parties, NGOs, and academics for public opinion research purposes.

How much does it cost to use Market Sampler?

It’s free to become a research partner, and you will not be obliged to purchase anything. Each research project is calculated and billed separately based on the following:

  • Number of responses you purchase
  • Audience complexity
  • Reporting options you opt-in for

You will get a quote for every research project. Once it’s confirmed from your end, the research will start and you will be billed at the time of receiving the requested deliverables. Instant Research projects are to be paid for at the time of launching your research.

Why choose Market Sampler as a research partner?

There are tons of research and survey tools out there. Market Sampler is a unique solution that lets you collect genuine responses from technically anyone online, fast and accurately.

  • All research is done in the public domain
  • We don’t use panels, databases, or exchange hubs
  • Every research is based on fresh data
  • We do not resell or use the data you acquired
  • Our team is helpful and responsive
  • We continuously improve our research technology
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Cost-effective research solution

ⓘ To learn about the research process, data quality, order tracking, payment policies, and more, visit the common questions page.