Market Sampler to Launch a Super-Affordable, Professional Level Market Research Solution in December 2021


We have used and tested quite a few market research solutions, including Pollfish, SurveyMonkey, and the industry-standard Qualtrics. Our company is doing market research projects daily and we are always looking for new and improved tools to make our research more accurate, faster, and more cost-effective.

Out of the blue, we received an invitation from Market Sampler to test their new market research solution. In the email, there was a short description of the platform, promising analysis-ready data, global non-incentivized respondent targeting, and further semi-scientific features alongside a very low CPR (cost-per-response) around $0.6.

It seemed too good to be true. Considering the free invitation, we accepted the request and tried Market Sampler. It blew us away. The system is brilliant.

Disclaimer: this is not promotional content, and we are not in any way incentivized by Market Sampler. We recommend Market Sampler because it is a great market research solution. Why is it so good?

Amazing research configuration features

The process starts with a self-service market research configuration with real-time price and delivery timeline calculation. As a user, you can interact with a form to configure every aspect of your research. Selectable options include your market research budget, country, demographics, interests, and further targeting criteria. Based on your configuration, the system automatically displays how many responses you will get for your investment, and how long it will take to complete the research. 

For a 1,000 response research in US, Germany, and France we would have paid $490 only, but we did not pay as the test was free. The same with Pollfish would have been nearly $2,300.

The co-founder of Market Sampler shared that the market research platform will offer 3 different solutions. An instant research service, which is completely self-service. A custom research service that is essentially a traditional market research project where clients can request custom arrangements and pay after the report delivery.

The third feature is probably the smartest, a continuous research solution that collects a set amount of responses over time. This enables to monitor trends in consumer interests, changes in public opinion, and anything where time factor matters.

Extensive targeting on 3rd party audience networks

From the documentation, we learned that the system delivers surveys through various audience networks through a system similar built on programmatic advertising. Audience networks include Google, Microsoft, and the Facebook Audience network. The targeting technology enables significantly more accurate respondent targeting compared to other market research solutions.

Organic responses only

Market Sampler does not use a pool of regular respondents, like Pollfish or Qualtrics. It is a significant advantage over other research tools, as “professional respondents” tend to participate for the rewards. Using Market Sampler, researchers get responses from people who genuinely care about the case. 

Raw data included, suitable for scientific statistical calculations

They delivered high-quality, excellently structured raw data by default. One of the promises of Market Sampler is that their data is ready for standard scientific statistical processes. This is correct. Based on the raw data, we could easily carry out clustering, and regression analysis works. It seems like this tool is for actual research professionals. The data they deliver is ready for Excel, and compatible with Mathlab.

Interactive dashboard

To our research, they included fun and practical interactive dashboard. The dashboard enabled custom segmentation and filtering across the entire dataset of responses. We did not see such an interactive report with any market research tool provider yet. Impressing. 

Further good news data segments can be saved or downloaded from each graph, making it easier to extract data from various segment combinations in a handy, visual way.

The interactive dashboard will not be included with every research. Customers will be able to opt-in and opt-out from receiving one. 

It is a very affordable market research solution

Collecting quantitative feedback is not cheap. We have tried several research configurations before ordering ours, and seeing the transparency and affordability of the system was very reassuring. 

2,000 response surveys can be done for below $1,000 which means the CPR is around $0.5 with very specific targeting included. This is amazing compared to other survey tools out there.

Apply for complimentary market research as part of their beta-testing program

On the “coming soon” page of Market Sampler, there is a note that the system will be live in December 2021. They are accepting beta test requests till then, so we would like to encourage anyone interested to take this opportunity.

To thank the opportunity and to provide some constructive feedback based on our experience, we arranged a call with their co-founder. He shared that the system will be aimed to be a tool for professional researchers in marketing agencies and companies, rather than an end-customer solution. Regardless, anyone will be welcome to use it. 

The system is currently being streamlined for various use cases, such as political research, market research, public opinion research, and various brand-related researches.

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