Market research

Identify market demands and requirements

Scan broad target customer segments to detect untapped pain points, demands, and requirements. Market Sampler enables you to collect large volumes of feedback cost-effectively, from multiple segments at once.

Test and validate business concepts

Get valuable feedback about your business concept, directly from your target customers. Discover if people would use your product, how much they would pay, and if they would recommend it to others.

Detailed insights about customer expectations

Detailed consumer insights are essential to fine-tune a business model, marketing strategy, or revenue model. With Market Sampler you can collect sufficient feedback about what target customers expect.

Find ideal customer segments for your business

Identify the best-fit, most lucrative segments in a broad set of your target customers. Such insights have enormous information value when planning distribution, marketing, and other business management strategies.

Common use cases

Market Sampler is used by companies, political groups, associations, and individuals from all walks of life. Discover how other people use our system to collect information from people who matter to them.