Market News: TurboGen Receives Greenlight for New York Installation: A Significant Step in U.S. Energy Market Penetration


TurboGen (TASE: TURB) has marked a notable milestone in its expansion into the U.S. energy sector with the recent approval to install its TG-40 energy system in New York City. This achievement speaks to TurboGen’s dedication to innovative energy solutions and its strategic endeavors to make a lasting impact on American shores.

The TG-40 system, a 40 kW multi-fuel microturbine, epitomizes TurboGen’s forward-thinking design. Tailored to deliver both power and heat to urban structures, it has the potential to pare down electricity costs by up to 20%. In the energy-intensive landscape of New York, characterized by varying needs and some lingering outdated infrastructures, the introduction of the TG-40 holds promise for a more efficient energy future.

This move by TurboGen is timely. With the Biden administration’s commitment of $8.5 billion for energy infrastructure improvements, the nation’s tilt towards sustainable and efficient energy solutions is evident. TurboGen’s initiative aligns perfectly with this national momentum, positioning them as a responsive and visionary entity in the sector. 

Backing TurboGen’s journey in recent months are pivotal collaborations and endorsements. A partnership with Platinum Energy Group (PEG) hinted at TurboGen’s U.S. market aspirations. Moreover, the endorsement and investment from real estate entrepreneur Alex Katz provided a robust foundation for TurboGen’s potential and aspirations. 

Yaron Galboa, TurboGen’s CEO, reflecting on the New York approval, remarked, “This is a defining moment in our U.S. market journey, marking our commitment and potential.”

The energy sector, with its multifaceted challenges from revamping aging systems to seamlessly incorporating renewable energy sources, demands innovative solutions. TurboGen’s focus on high-efficiency microturbines might be the game-changer, especially considering the surging global electricity requirements.

Market data further accentuates TurboGen’s promising trajectory. The Hydrogen Generation market, where TurboGen plays a pivotal role, is expanding at an impressive rate of 10% annually. As of 2022, it represented a sizeable market, boasting a valuation of roughly $155 billion, with the green hydrogen market continuing to grow aswell. Concurrently, the microgrid market, an area that TurboGen’s offerings cater to, is showing remarkable growth, increasing about 14% per year. It is projected to attain a market value close to $25 billion in the foreseeable future

Looking ahead, the green light for TurboGen’s TG-40 system in New York City is more than an operational nod—it’s a tangible testament to the company’s ambitions and its readiness to meet the challenges of the U.S. energy market.


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