Mark D. Zarrilli’s Book “Brick & Mortar” Is a Resourceful Masterpiece on the Wall Street

The US financial market, otherwise known as Wall Street, has witnessed dynamic changes over the years, and Mark D. Zarrilli attempts to take readers on a journey to how it has evolved in the last three decades

Evolution and change have been part and parcel of the world and everything in it. Over the last three decades, the United States has experienced enormous growth in the financial services sector in the past three decades. Often referred to as the Wall Street, the US financial market has experienced dramatic changes. Many of the landmark events of recent economic history are deeply rooted within its culture. Being a part of Wall Street for years, Mark D. Zarrilli provides an insider view of the changes in the financial services sector.

Mark D. Zarrilli is thrilled to announce the release of his new book “Brick & Mortar,” which is a handy resource for Americans to understand how the US financial market evolved to what it is today. Zarrilli spent 33 years selling fixed-income securities on Wall Street and has used his experience with some support to provide a concise and detailed expository on what it has been like from the early, volatile days of the 1980s to the all-time highs of the 21st century.

It is the overall goal of Brick & Mortar to provide this historical context in an understandable and accessible way. By doing so, Zarrilli combines an exceptionally well-written piece of history with a well-thought-out analysis. Brick & Mortar is a book that provides extensive coverage of the subject matter in a fair and even-handed way. It will prove valuable for anyone looking better to understand the finance industry’s past and present.

Speaking about the book, a reader identified as Christopher Aliprandi had this to say, “This book is a fast, interesting read. Zarrilli brings you behind the curtain and has a keen eye for the details of life as a fixed income salesperson – communicating over the phone, entertaining clients, compensation, submitting expense reports, and moving from firm to firm. The book is similar to Liar’s Poker, but covers a longer period of time and experiences at multiple dealers, banks, and an inter-dealer broker. Zarrilli spent over 30 years in fixed income sales, compared to just a few years at one firm (Salomon) that Lewis wrote about. Overall, a very enjoyable, humorous, quick, read.”

The book is now available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon. To get the book, please visit

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