Mario Maitland Creates a Pool of Inspiration for People Who Want to Chase Their Dreams

Providing a source of inspiration and motivation to help people persevere in their chosen path of life

The University of Kentucky Alumnus, Mario Maitland, has created a platform designed to facilitate interactions among people who have inspiring stories to share. The platform, What’s Next With Rio Podcast Series, releases new episodes every week for listeners to engage. On the podcast series, Mario invites special guests for each episode from different sectors or fields to share their personal success stories and challenges. 

Founded in October 2021, the podcast series is an interview-style audio and video production anchored on storytelling, education, motivation or inspiration, and entertainment. On the show, each guest shares personal experiences unique to their professional field. The conversations are exciting, real, simple, and refreshing, and the guests freely express themselves, withholding nothing. Maitland invites musicians, athletes, doctors, entrepreneurs, experts, passion project owners, and thought leaders to the show to explore a wide variety of themes. There is also an effective feedback mechanism that facilitates audience interactions.

Maitland strongly opines that people draw inspiration from listening to other people’s success stories. This explains why the contents of the podcast are easy for people to relate to. When users sign up for What’s Next With Rio, they automatically receive a map to help them through their chosen life paths. On listening to the interview sessions, a pool of ideas will be open to them to create massive impacts with their skills or talents in the world. The contents will also help them discover their unique potentials, unlock different ways to help them maximize their potential, avoid the mistakes other people ahead of them made, and get sufficient information to make well-informed decisions. Maitland will continue to leverage the advancements in technology to initiate more amazing projects to consistently keep listeners inspired.

“It’s not about what you do; it’s about what you inspire others to do. Finding inspiration from others will only motivate you to follow through on your own goals. Make others believe that they can do it too! Your one and only podcast series that shares inspiration to all corners of the world,” said Mario Maitland, Founder of What’s Next With Rio Podcast Series.

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