Marie Ange Aupont Narrates the Story of Her Mother Through Her Book. Break Out, and Break Through, Shedding Light on Modern-Day Slaver


Marie Ange Aupont narrates the story of her mother through her book. Break Out, And Break Through, shedding light on modern-day slavery

After witnessing a lifetime of constant struggle and a heart-wrenching past, Dr. Marie A. Aupont decided to narrate the ordeal of her mother through her tell-all book. She has taken it upon herself to become the voice of a woman who survived the challenges life gave her. Born as one of ten children in Haiti, Marie’s mother was sold into slavery during her childhood as her widowed mother didn’t see a future for her in the house that was facing severe financial challenges after the untimely demise of her husband. In her book, Break Out, And Break Through Marie shares an intimate picture of her mother’s agony caused by her abusers who kept her in their house as a slave.

Break Out, And Break Through is Marie’s testament to the vicious life her mother led as she attempted to escape the torture that was inflicted on her. Marie’s mother flew to the USA, hoping for a future that could allow her to provide a better life for her newborn daughter but once again she was captured by predators who did nothing but imprison her to serve them.

Marie has been determined to make people realize that slavery is still an atrocity that continues to thrive in the regions where people have to live with extreme poverty. People who go through these trials have to decide between accessing food for themselves or their children. Unfortunately, they’re left with no choice but to fend for themselves which requires them to make sacrifices that will cause the doom of innocent lives.

The book is available for purchase on all major platforms such as Amazon & Barnes and Noble

About the Author

Author of Break Out, And Break Through, Dr. Marie A. Aupont was born in 1962 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Eventually, Marie joined her mother in the USA at the age of five and became an American citizen. After a disturbed early childhood where she had to live without her mother, Marie finally found stability and bliss once she was reunited with her mother in the USA. Marie went on to become a registered nurse and practiced for thirty-four years. She also explored her prospects and acquired a doctorate in Ministry and went on to become a Pastor. Marie shares a profound relationship with God and hopes to aspire people with tender care and assistance in every walk of life.

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