Many Different Tools Are Often Used in the Machining Process of High-Precision CNC Lathes

High-precision CNC lathes can achieve high-precision, high-rigidity, and high-speed motion. The spindle of the high-precision CNC lathe is a sleeve-type unit spindle. The spindle material of high-precision CNC lathe is nitrided alloy steel. The reasonable bearing assembly method of the high-precision CNC lathe makes the spindle unit have high rotational accuracy and rigidity. The main drive pulley generally adopts a multi-ribbed pulley to achieve efficient and stable movement. The high-precision CNC lathe is compact in appearance, cheap in operation and simple in maintenance.

In order to improve the production efficiency of precision CNC lathes, it is first necessary to carefully analyze the parts processed by precision CNC lathes, and to clarify the technical requirements of the partsโ€™ materials, structural characteristics, geometric tolerance requirements, roughness, heat treatment and other aspects. Then, on this basis, select a reasonable milling process and a concise processing route.

The formulation of the processing technology: Usually a part can have several different processes. The process of the part is different, and its production efficiency, processing cost and processing accuracy are often significantly different. Therefore, we should ensure the quality of the parts. According to the specific conditions of production, try to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, and formulate a reasonable processing technology.

In the machining of high-precision CNC lathes, the role of metal cutting tools is very important. The material for making the tool must have high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, sufficient strength and toughness, good thermal conductivity and processability, and good economy. In the process of selecting tools, on the premise of meeting the requirements of parts processing, try to choose a tool with a larger diameter, which has better strength and toughness; in the same process, the number of tools selected is as small as possible to reduce the number of tool changes; It is possible to choose a general standard tool, and no or less special non-standard tool.

Many different tools are often used in the machining process of high-precision CNC lathes. If the tools cannot be adjusted in advance, the operator needs to install each tool on the spindle and slowly determine their exact length and diameter. This is then entered manually through the keys on the CNC control surface. If the tool setter is used, it can accurately measure the diameter and length of the tool, reduce the time occupied by the lathe, improve the qualified rate of the first piece, and greatly improve the production efficiency of the CNC milling machine.

As an operator of a high-precision CNC lathe, he cannot stop learning at any time. Whether it is the accumulation of operating experience or the learning of theoretical knowledge, it is very important.

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