Manimart Plus, a leading online grocery franchise, is excited to announce the launch of its mini grocery store franchise program. This new initiative aims to expand the company’s reach and provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a turnkey solution to open their own grocery stores.

The mini grocery store franchise program offers a low-cost entry into the grocery industry, with initial investment costs. Franchisees will receive comprehensive training and support, including site selection assistance, store design and layout, inventory management, and marketing guidance. “We understand that there is a growing demand for small grocery franchises in communities across the country,” said Shiv Harsh Mani Tripathi, CEO of Manimart Plus. “Our mini grocery store franchise program provides an affordable and convenient solution for entrepreneurs who want to run their own grocery businesses without the high costs and complexities of starting from scratch.”

Manimart Plus has been in the online grocery franchise business for several years, providing a seamless shopping experience to customers through its user-friendly online platform. With the mini grocery store franchise program, the company is expanding its offerings to reach customers who prefer shopping in person at brick-and-mortar locations.

“We recognize that some customers still prefer to shop for groceries in person,” said Tripathi. “Our mini grocery store franchises will enable us to provide a more personalized and localized shopping experience to customers while also empowering entrepreneurs to own and operate their own businesses.” Manimart Plus’s mini grocery store franchise program is now accepting applications from interested entrepreneurs.

About Manimart Plus:

Manimart Plus is a leading online grocery franchise that offers customers a convenient and reliable way to shop for groceries online. With a wide selection of products and a user-friendly platform, Manimart Plus has become a trusted name in the online grocery industry. The company is now expanding its offerings with the launch of its mini grocery store franchise program, providing entrepreneurs with an affordable and turnkey solution to start their own grocery businesses.

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