Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Unveils Comprehensive Article on Divorce Duration in New York


Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum ( of The Law Offices of Richard Roman Shum recently released an extensive article titled ‘How Long Does a Divorce Take in New York?’. This article provides an insightful look into the different factors that contribute to the time it takes to finalize a divorce in New York.

In the first paragraph, Shum addresses the emotional toll a divorce can take, especially when children are involved. He discusses how a prolonged divorce process can lead to heightened stress and increased legal costs. The Manhattan divorce lawyer emphasizes the importance of efficient legal assistance to streamline the process and mitigate conflict.

“The last thing anyone going through a divorce would want is a prolonged process full of conflict,” Shum writes. “Having the assistance of an experienced Manhattan divorce lawyer should help make the legal processes surrounding a divorce more efficient.”

In the second paragraph, Shum explores various options available to couples seeking to have an amicable and less stressful divorce process. He covers a wide range of topics, including divorce mediation, no-fault divorces, legal separation, uncontested divorce, contested divorce, and at-fault divorces. The Manhattan divorce lawyer provides a detailed overview of each, explaining their pros and cons, as well as the time typically required to finalize each type of divorce.

The article also highlights the role of an experienced Manhattan divorce lawyer in navigating these processes. Shum stresses the importance of legal assistance in ensuring fairness and adherence to legal stipulations. He especially underscores this point while discussing complex issues like distribution of marital property, child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and legal fees and expenses.

“Negotiations and court proceedings can take a long time without an experienced Manhattan divorce attorney by your side,” Shum notes. “An attorney will also be aware of the changes in the laws and statute of limitations that individuals must follow to pursue particular at-fault grounds for divorce.”

The article provides a thoughtful consideration of factors that can further influence the length of a divorce process, such as children, assets and liabilities, complex assets, and spousal maintenance. Shum outlines the potential complications and solutions associated with each, offering readers a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

To learn more about the divorce process in New York and how to navigate it effectively, please read the full article on The Law Offices of Richard Roman Shum’s website.

About The Law Offices of Richard Roman Shum:

The Law Offices of Richard Roman Shum is a premier legal firm based in Manhattan. Led by Richard Roman Shum, an experienced divorce lawyer, the firm has a stellar reputation for providing high-quality legal representation and counsel to clients dealing with divorce and related issues. The firm is renowned for its comprehensive approach to providing legal solutions, taking into account the unique circumstances and needs of each client. The Law Offices of Richard Roman Shum is dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights and best interests, providing qualified legal counsel and aggressive representation when needed.



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