Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Sheds Light on Recognizing Spousal Gaslighting and Manipulation

Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Sheds Light on Recognizing Spousal Gaslighting and Manipulation

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum (, of The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum, has released a new article titled ‘How To Recognize if Your Spouse Is Manipulating or Gaslighting You’. This insightful piece provides a comprehensive understanding of gaslighting, a form of psychological manipulation often overlooked in abusive relationships, and provides guidance for individuals who may be victims.

In the first chapter of the article, Shum, a well-known Manhattan divorce lawyer, outlines the detrimental effects of gaslighting on individuals and relationships. “Victims of gaslighting may struggle to identify the abuse since the abuser has conditioned them to believe that their reactions are excessive,” Shum states. He emphasizes the importance of professional consultation for victims, advocating for the support and legal guidance offered by his law firm.

The Manhattan divorce lawyer continues to explore the origins and manifestation of gaslighting in relationships. Drawing references from studies and real-life scenarios, Shum brings to light the unsettling truth about this form of psychological manipulation. He pinpoints the tactics gaslighters use to exert control and avoid accountability, providing readers with a clear understanding of this insidious form of abuse.

Shum’s article not only explores the concept of gaslighting but also provides a list of telltale signs of this form of manipulation. This Manhattan divorce lawyer arms readers with the knowledge necessary to identify and understand gaslighting behaviors, such as lying in the face of evidence, deflecting guilt, and engaging in emotional coercion.

“Gaslighting is an abuser’s way to exercise control over their victim,” Shum highlights. “It is vital to recognize signs of manipulation, such as when your spouse uses phrases like ‘if you really cared about me’ or ‘if you really loved me’ to coerce you into doing something.”

Richard Roman Shum’s article aims to help individuals in toxic relationships take the necessary steps to regain control over their lives. Shedding light on the nuances of gaslighting, it provides the tools to identify, understand, and counteract this form of abuse.

As readers glean through the insights shared by Shum, it becomes clear that knowledge is the first line of defense against gaslighting. Recognizing the signs, understanding the dynamics, and seeking professional help can enable victims to break free from the clutches of toxic relationships.

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The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum, based in Manhattan, provides compassionate assistance and quality legal counsel to individuals seeking to navigate the legal and emotional complexities of divorce and abusive relationships. The firm is committed to providing support and strategic legal solutions to empower individuals seeking to break free from toxic relationships and pursue a healthier future. Richard Roman Shum, a prominent divorce and family law attorney, has helped many families navigate these complexities, underlining the firm’s commitment to its clients’ well-being.


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