Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Richard Roman Shum Releases Comprehensive Guide on the Divorce Process in New York


Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum ( has recently published a detailed article titled ‘What Is the Divorce Process in New York Like?’. The article provides invaluable insights into the divorce proceedings in New York, helping individuals understand the intricate process and what to expect in this challenging phase.

Richard Roman Shum, a seasoned Manhattan divorce lawyer, emphasizes the importance of professional legal assistance while navigating the complexities of the divorce process. “Filing for a divorce in New York can be a lengthy process,” Shum explains. “An attorney can prepare and verify your documents to prevent costly mistakes, save you the grief of negotiating with your spouse, and provide insight on how to handle divorce when children are involved.”

Manhattan divorce lawyer Richard Roman Shum’s article provides a comprehensive overview of the divorce process, including preconditions for divorce, the differences between uncontested and contested divorces, and how to respond once served with divorce papers. This information is invaluable for anyone considering or currently going through a divorce in New York.

The article by the Manhattan divorce lawyer also discusses the specific requirements for residency and grounds for divorce in New York. Shum explains, “Either you or your spouse must have been living in New York for at least two continuous years before filing the divorce. The grounds for divorce range from irretrievable breakdown of the relationship for at least six months to abandonment, imprisonment, adultery, and more.”

Highlighting the steps involved in both uncontested and contested divorces, Shum provides a clearer picture of the divorce proceedings. He provides insights into the filing process, from serving the defendant with the papers to the initiation of the trial.

Shum underscores the importance of understanding the process after being served with divorce papers. “Being served with divorce papers marks the beginning of the divorce proceedings, requiring a response within a set timeframe by the court,” he says. “Failing to respond may lead to a default judgment being issued against you.”

Shum’s guide serves as a practical resource for anyone in New York looking to understand the divorce process. Those seeking to file a divorce in New York can benefit from the insights provided in the article. The information can help individuals make informed decisions about their legal options and expectations during the divorce process.

About The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum:

The Law Office of Richard Roman Shum continues to provide quality and compassionate legal counsel and representation to individuals seeking to file a divorce in New York. The firm’s commitment to guide clients through the legal complexities of divorce underscores its dedication to client welfare and justice. Richard Roman Shum, with his comprehensive understanding of divorce law and procedures, continues to be a reliable resource for individuals navigating the challenging divorce process in New York.



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