Renowned Manhattan divorce lawyer Martin Mohr ( of New York Family Law Group recently released an enlightening article titled “Parenting During A Divorce – Helpful Tips And Advice For Divorcing Parents.” This comprehensive piece delivers practical advice and resources to parents navigating the challenging landscape of divorce, particularly those grappling with child custody concerns.

Manhattan divorce lawyer Martin Mohr’s recently published article aims to assist parents in putting their children’s needs first. Providing invaluable advice on managing child custody and parenting during divorce proceedings.

As a respected Manhattan divorce lawyer, Mohr emphasizes the importance of maintaining stability for children during a divorce. He encourages divorcing parents to ensure their children remain connected with friends, family, and their community. He also stresses the importance of maintaining a similar lifestyle to what the children were accustomed to before the divorce.

“Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the divorce, the kids need a stable home environment,” advises Mohr. “Strive to maintain a lifestyle similar to how it was before the divorce.”

The article also delves into the complexities of negotiating parenting time and the necessity of creating a mutually agreeable voluntary custody arrangement. Mohr advises parents to avoid contentious arguments and to ensure they keep track of all interactions related to custody, appointments, and visitation.

“First, avoid discussing adult issues with the child, even if the other parent is doing that,” he advises. “Leave the arguments, conflicts, and issues related to marriage in the past – because they are in the past.”

Mohr also underscores the importance of co-parenting successfully after a divorce, providing emotional support to children, and not hesitating to ask questions to fully understand the legal process.

The second part of the article addresses potential pitfalls in a custody battle, including previous criminal incidents, history of abuse or neglect, substance abuse problems, parental alienation, frequent changes in residences, ineffective co-parenting, financial instability, mental health challenges, and negative testimonies from witnesses.

Readers are encouraged to review the full article on the New York Family Law Group’s website for a comprehensive understanding of the advice and resources available.

About New York Family Law Group:

New York Family Law Group is a highly regarded family law firm based in Manhattan, New York. The firm, represented by lawyers such as Martin Mohr, provides a holistic approach to family law, focusing on the needs of the children involved. The firm’s commitment to providing quality legal advice to protect children’s well-being during a divorce and insights into effective child custody arrangements sets it apart in the family law field. New York Family Law Group, with its dedication to helping parents and children move forward to a brighter future after divorce, continues to be a leading voice in family law.


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