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Troop makes it easy for companies to partner with local charities to get the funding they need while supporting causes they care about, improving employee engagement and creating positive impact.

Kelly Emery, a Toronto-based tech entrepreneur, is providing funding to local charitable partners through her social enterprise called, Troop. Emery had previously co-founded, a resource for rate comparison websites, now

Troop helps companies simplify donations to charities to get dollars flowing. They make their needs tangible and simplify the donation process.

“Everyone can understand the need to support a newcomer mother with a stroller — it’s really, really important to have a stroller,” says Emery. “People are busy, and they don’t always know where their generosity is needed. That’s where we come in.”

Troop is a platform designed to assist corporate charitable giving and employee engagement for small and mid-sized businesses. Every month, Troop provides its clients with a carefully selected collection of items required by various charitable organizations.

The employees of these businesses get the opportunity to vote and decide where their company should donate that month.

Emery says that Troop is an employee-directed social impact program. It guides companies in understanding corporate social responsibility’s increasing significance for employees and customers.

With the cost-of-living issue not showing signs of easing, there is a greater need for charitable services.

Emery understands that most local charities are entirely dependent on personal donations. During these tough times, they often find it difficult to raise funds. Emery wants Troop and its clients to play a greater role in supporting such charities.

“I’m just a really big believer in the fact that people are generous and compassionate and want to be helping out more,” she added.

Emery finds that corporate giving is a growing trend in many businesses. An eye care retail shop with seven locations across the GTA has partnered with Troop to engage its customers in helping fulfill the local community’s needs.

Customers engage with the retailer in-store, on their website, and on their social media platforms to read about the needs of the local charities. They also get to participate in where the business’ charitable contribution of $1,000 will be allocated.

Emery was inspired by her father, a successful entrepreneur who started and sold a heating and air conditioning company in Kitchener/Waterloo. His message to Emery was to not just build a company but to build a culture that values employees and their insights.

Employees are now looking for companies that strive to implement and prioritize a social impact program. With Troop, the employees can make a difference, one employee at a time. Also, as a company, the collective action and results are compounded. It helps create a positive social impact. 

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