Make Lunch Easy With Haloo’s Hot Food Vending Machine

Never run out of food for your hungry employees and keep your employees happy and productive with Haloo’s world-class vending machine.

Now you can have a variety of food without the need to stand in line at your local cafeteria. This vending machine only takes a few seconds to heat up your lunch, no matter what it is that you’re looking for!

Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading vending machine manufacturer that introduces Hot Food Vending Machine with Microwave Heating.

This Food Vending Machine With Microwave Heating is designed to satisfy your customer’s needs for fresh, healthy and tasty food at the workplace. Not only does it provide high-quality dishes, but it also guarantees each dining is safe and hygienic.

Simplify your food vending life with Haloo’s one-button control panel. Make it an event to order, not a chore.

The Machine has a capacity for 300 boxes (depending on the size of the lunch box), is equipped with a 21.5-inch vending machine touch screen and industrial microwave oven that can be adjusted to be compatible with more sizes, and is perfect for airports, schools, hospitals and other commercial and semi-public areas.

Enjoy a quick, easy and secure payment experience with banknotes, coins, or credit cards.

The Haloo Hot Food Vending Machine is also a perfect solution for people who work long hours and don’t have time to prepare their own lunch. Easily fill up with your favorite foods from the grocery store, place your order and then pick it up from our vending machine in minutes.

With Haloo’s Hot Food Vending Machine, you can keep your food safe and sanitary while making the perfect sale. Leave nothing to chance with an innovative design that ensures each lunch is heated to perfection and free of bacteria.

Stop wasting time on the go, and enjoy more food with Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd’s lunchtime solution. With optional cutlery and bagging functions, you can stop waiting!

Reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to cashier and cook while providing an attractive option for hot food on the go.

Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is confident to present this machine among custom vending machines as a perfect choice for busy professionals looking for a healthy, nutritious and tasty lunch break.

Hot Food Vending Machine with Microwave Heating features a secondary push structure to make the meal more stable and ensure a more pleasant dining experience for everyone.

With a push-plate cargo lane and magnet sensor slots, this vending machine makes it possible to have fresh food available at all times with an original creation of a secondary push structure for the dining car, making the meal more stable.

Save time and money while having delicious snacks with Haloo’s vending machine!

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