Mack Miller, a Las Vegas, Nevada Celebrity Business Consultant Hijacked an Entire Las Vegas Restaurant to Host His New Year Dinner


Las Vegas, Nevada – From having the means to be chauffeured around Las Vegas in a HALF A MILLION-DOLLAR ROLLS ROYCE LIMOUSINE to being the subject of small-town news articles about his lifestyle, join us as we take a look at all the ways in which celebrities are nothing like us.

Happy New Year! January 2022 edition! First up? MACK MILLER . On New Year’s 2022, the Philanthropist and Business Magnate rented out an entire restaurant in Las Vegas — which has a capacity of over 270 people and is located in Summerlin’s exclusive Tivoli Village — to privately celebrate the New year.

The famous and sometimes infamous political star hosted dinner for as few as four guests including his Special Counsel, and Press Secretary, along with famed Chef Francisco of Chicago, Executive Chef at Boston Fish House & Bar. (See a few PICS here.)

“The entire restaurant was closed for five people… and on New Year’s which easily commands over $100,000.00! A full bar Kitchen and staff at the ready, not to mention the private Chef.,” a source told us! of the celebratory dinner party. “MACK MILLER also had gifts, Mink coats, and fur handbags for the female guests.” Well, that’s one way to celebrate!

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