M-Toluic Acid Market 2022 Global Major Manufacturers, Industry Applications, Supply & Demand Forecast by 2028 : Hebei Xingyu Chemical, Zibo Shibang Chemical

The M-Toluic Acid Market Provides In-Depth Overview of the Industry Including Definitions, Classifications, Applications, Segmentation, Revenue Generation, COVID-19 Impact Analysis and Industry Chain Structure.

Pune, Maharashtra — (SBWIRE) — 07/28/2022 — m-Toluic Acid Market Scope & Overview:

m-Toulic Acid also referred as include 3-Methylbenzoic Acid, NSC 2214 and meta-taulic acid. A benzoic acid with at least one carboxyl group and benzene rings is called m-toulic acid. The acid is naturally acidic and just marginally soluble in water. The primary application of m-toulic acid is as a raw material for N, N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide (DEET). M-Toulic acid is one of the benzoic acids, which have benzene rings attached to at least one carboxyl group. Due to its importance in the application categories, the industry has shown positive growth over the past few years and is anticipated to do so at a quicker rate during the pandemic phase.
As per the most authenticated market research report by SNS Insider, the m-Toluic acid market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast period of 2022–2028.

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Major key players included in m-Toluic Acid Market report are listed below:

– Taixing Zhongran Chemical Co. Ltd.
– Yangzhou Gideon Biological Technology
– Hebei Xingyu Chemical
– Zibo Shibang Chemical
– Shandong Yuexing Chemical
– Dalian Richfortune Chemicals

Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges

The need for effective insect repellants is expanding all around the world as a result of growing awareness of diseases carried by insect bites, increased urbanization, and high adoption rates for cutting-edge technologies. This is expected to fuel the demand for m-Toluic acid market during the course of the projected period. However, throughout the anticipated time, the worldwide m-Toulic market may have growth challenges due to strict regulations against harmful pharmaceutical compounds.

The rising demand for m-Toluic acid in medicinal and insect repellent applications is to blame for the market’s expansion. Additionally, the market is expanding as a result of the rising demand for m-Toluic acid in emerging nations. The demand for m-Toluic acid is rising for a variety of uses, including medicines, insect repellents, and other products.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 virus started to spread over the world at the beginning of 2021, infecting countless individuals and leading major governments to enact foot restrictions and work stoppage orders. With the exception of companies that provide medical supplies and life support equipment, the majority of projects have been severely damaged, and m-Toluic Acid adventures have been negatively impacted.

m-Toluic Acid Market Segmentation Analysis 2022

Pharma grade is a well-known brand of toluic acid that is used as an intermediary in the manufacturing of medicinal medicines and other chemicals. It is used in a variety of products, including ink, paints and coatings, rubber chemicals, plasticizers for PVCs (polyvinyl chloride), dyes and pigments, and rubber chemicals.

Insect repellents have been identified as the most potential market based on application. They employ natural or synthetic substances that smell similar to the pest-repellent pheromones made by the pests themselves to deter insects from biting. These substances cause insects to behave differently and make them unpleasant to be around, which lessens their tendency to bite people during mating or feeding.

Major Segments and Sub-Segments are of m-Toluic Acid Market are listed below:

By Product Type:

Pharma Grade

Industrial Grade


By Applications:


Insect Repellent


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Regional Analysis

Over the projected period, the Asia Pacific region is anticipated to maintain its dominance as the largest m-Toluic acid market. Due to rising demand from end-use industries like pharmaceuticals and insect repellent, the region is anticipated to maintain its dominance during the forecast period. Due to the rise of the end-use industry and the increased demand from local manufacturers, China is expected to play a significant role in this region. Due to its high usage rate and plenty of product producers, North America has emerged as the second largest consumer and has been driving the market’s expansion.

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Table of Contents – Major Key Points

1. Introduction

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Dynamics

4. Impact Analysis

5. Value Chain Analysis

6. Porter’s 5 Forces Model

7. PEST Analysis

8. Global M-Toluic Acid Market Segment, By Product Type

9. Global M-Toluic Acid Market Segment, By Applications

10. Regional Analysis

11. Company Profiles

12. Competitive Landscape

13. Conclusion

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