Listing a home on a website is one of the first things people do when looking to sell a home. In fact, it is rare that the home does not appear on the web at some point. It is one thing to have a property featured on a website, but it is another thing entirely to have a website devoted to a single property.

The Vic Markarian Realty Group, Realtor agents in Los Angeles, California, have created a website devoted to a single home in and around Los Angeles. The website currently features a highly desirable three bedroom/two bath home in Glendale.

Each home listed on the property will stay on the site until sold. New properties will be selected for the site based on a set of stringent criteria determined by Markarian and his team of Realtors of Los Angeles, CA. Elements will include location, access to certain amenities like better schools and shopping.

Getting a house listed for sale on popular real estate websites is one of the first things new sellers think of – in fact, this is probably something every seller does sooner or later. However, having a house listed for sale on a website that only has one spot dedicated to a single property in a city – is a whole another angle of marketing real estate – one that will likely make some of the buyers’ and sellers’ lifes easier.

This property is currently featured on the site. Contact Markarian or a member of his team of real estate agents serving Los Angeles, CA, for more information.

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Company Name: Vic Markarian Realty Group
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Phone: +1 818 248 8668
Address:3237 N Verdugo Rd
City: Glendale
State: California 91208
Country: United States

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