Lunar Finance Launches Its Staking Platform With an Unbelievable APY of 1,000% Per Annum

A great deal for crypto users to lock crypto holdings and obtain whooping rewards

Lunar Finance (LUFI) is thrilled to announce the launch of its staking platform, where crypto users are assured of a high APY of 1,000% per annum. The staking platform will be launched on Pancakeswap and listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko after three days of its launch. This will be a great deal for users as they will be able to buy coins, lock them in LUFI wallet, grow their wallet rewards for a period, and obtain a whooping staking rate of 1,000% for their staking efforts at least the first two years.

As an incredible, profitable way to invest and earn more money, LUFI pays the largest stable APY in crypto history. Unlike other staking platforms, it is unique because it adds a 5% tax on every transaction to keep the pool running for a very long time. LUFI understands that crypto users who do not like to trade their coins would prefer staking them on a platform that pays a constant, high staking rate; that is why it is constantly updating its mining pool to ensure that it doesnโ€™t ever get empty.

LUFI will launch its presale on Pink Sale and Pancakeswap. After the launch, users will have unlimited access to free 50 NFTs every week, Sunday precisely. Although there are risks associated with mining and trading, staking crypto coins on LUFI is the most efficient, safest, and rewarding way to earn in the most relaxed way.โ€ In Addition, we will bring out our own DEX, where you can trade with our Native Token (LUFI) and stake your LUFI. Three days after the launch on Pancakeswap, we will be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. And in the first month, we will be listed on numerous CEX, including KuCoin, Hotbit, Coinsbit, Azbit, VinDax. Donโ€™t miss this out! Buy, stake, and lean back,โ€ said the companyโ€™s spokesperson.

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