Lucky Buddhas: A New NFT Project Is Going to Launch

Welcome to the sacred place of worship that encompasses the sea of knowledge, excellence, and financial prowess. We are a team of crypto enthusiasts fueled with the passion for creating a responsive community full of NFT lovers, personal and business growth.

What Lucky Buddhas Offer?

Lucky Buddhas will start the official minting of 10,000 Lucky Buddhas in February 2022 for our beloved community. The advantages of being early in the Lucky Buddha Club don’t just end here. Let’s find out more about the various advantages:

Every Lucky Buddha that you mint holds the value of an entry pass to the Sacred Temple of the Lucky Buddha Club.

Since the membership pool is full of diverse contributors ranging from cryptocurrency experts to influencers, and even celebrities, you will get expert advice regarding the maintenance and management of your wealth. You can interact with contributors from various domains in the walk of life to mostly help you with your financial matters and help realize your goal of wealth and enlightenment .

Angel ‘LaunchPad’ Contributions?

Moreover, if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and wish to explore the crypto industry with a unique and intriguing idea, then a dedicated group of investors and community engagement will help you Obtain capital for your start up ideas. In addition to digital encounters and temple meetings you can meet the expert folks in-person at the Lucky Buddha Club Meetings and Parties in the Luxury Base Temple in Miami, Florida.

Advantages of the Lucky Buddha NFT

It should be clear that the Lucky Buddha NFT is a lot more than just a fast track to making money in the crypto world and business. We value our community, and we value our holders. For this reason, we have decided to launch and reward the NFT holders with 2 main surprise utilities to be announced at Launch.


moneynwine come from a traditional financial background as an investment analyst and consultant. I have been in finance for over 10 years. He has Masters degree in Finance and international business.

He also has a creative real estate syndication background, looking at investments that 5x or 10x.

He have always thought traditional Investment methods were not diverse enough, and to the vast public not easy enough to understand. Then back in 2017 He discovered crypto as a massively impactful opportunity to transfer wealth. Have been shifting His attention for clients ever since.

Born and raised in Miami FL. Travel constantly to establish and maintain strong connections. He focus on whats best for the good of people, society, community. All His business is conducted as such.


Ash_chuk am an Avid angel investor in DeFi and crypto projects for the last 3 years. CoFounder of a successful CryptoAtm company based in Florida. Ongoing Consultation and adviser to a crypto exchange and defi company in Latin America. Private equity investor in online payment processing company . Founder and CEO of a private equity real estate company based in Fl. Live and work in Los Angeles and Miami. Believer and advocate for green energy, education and decentralized finance.


A senior NFT advisor, famously known for his sage wisdom in connecting with the “big brain” community.Previously advisor at Cyberkongz and founder of Ninjasquad plus other exciting projects. He has now joined as an advisor at the LuckyBuddhaClub to help bring insane value and Immaculate vibes.

Sacred Temple will be an open exchange with various real-world utilities that include traveling, lodging, coaching, shopping for luxury brand wear, getting your hands on the exclusive merch, and going for an exclusive experience’s luxury travel and experiences. From club contributors and even members who can provide value.

A full-service marketplace experience which Also can grant access to pertinent tools for business (including real-estate, e-commerce, and credit/loans).

Buddha Investment Series

The iteration of the Lucky Buddha Club’s collectibles will purchase several pieces of land and other assets in Decentraland, Sandbox and other growing metaverses that are to be used for secondary marketing purposes and to collect rent or marketing fees. The profit earned from these investments will be pooled together and LuckyBuddhaClub will distribute a reflective/mirrored gift, to reward our holders which grow over time!


Lucky Buddhas will have Bi-weekly live giveaways on an ongoing basis before and after sell out.

The immediate giveaways after the sell-out of our project include: • Plot of land in the Metaverse platform of your choice (Decentraland, Sandbox, etc.), • 500k total giveaways of which 100k Ethereum to ultra rare holders (10k each), • 100K Prepaid Jet Membership to use however you want it to be used. In the long run, we intend to provide giveaways based on the holding period of your Buddha NFT. Moreover, your activity and interaction in our Twitter and Discord community also account as a parameter for some of our giveaways.

Where to Find Lucky Buddhas?

They will have some Buddhas for giveaways for our most loyal Members. So if you wish to get your hands on any one of them (if not more), you can connect with Them and join the community at:






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