Louie Perry Anderson-Themed Decentralized Meme Token Officially Launches

Innovative charity token, LifeWithLouie Token (LOU), officially launches to help the needy across the globe

The LifeWithLouie project was created in memory of Louie Perry Anderson, celebrating the life and times of the distinguished artist, director, actor, and comedian while providing an avenue to reach out to the needy. In a related development, the crypto project is launching the LifeWithLouie Token (LOU), a charity-oriented meme token that is completely for supporting good causes, especially helping the needy, across the globe.

The blockchain space has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, thanks to the emergence of several projects. Cryptocurrencies, including the world’s leading token, Bitcoin, began as a new way of community trading. Digital currencies operate on blockchain technology and were designed to give power back to the layperson, leveraging a decentralized structure that allows for complete transparency in every single transaction. However, many of the available crypto projects do not particularly address the concerns of the needy, which is where the LifeWithLouie project aims to make a difference with the LOU token.

Created in memory of the distinguished artist Louie Perry Anderson, as the main subject through the memorable image of the cartoon “Life With Louie,” LOU will chart a new course in the blockchain industry. The project is created based on the intention to help charitable causes and people in general as he did, by creating a virtual currency and entering the NFT market.

The size of the LifeWithLouie project was shared transparently between the buyers and the CHARITY CAUSES, with only a small part being provided for the implementation of the marketing, based on a verified smart contract and visible to the general public.

In addition to alleviating the suffering of millions of people worldwide, LOU also offers rewards to holders. Token holders actively earn as it grows and they are gradually rewarded with automatic reflections at a rate of 2% to all existing holders, the longer the coin is held in the wallet, the higher the rewards due to the transactions made, through the taxes applied for buying and selling. There are also plans to launch an NFT collection to bring more people into the community.

For further information about the LOU token and other aspects of the LifeWithLouie community, visit – https://lifewithlouie.net/. LifeWithLouie also has a growing online community across social media, including Telegram and Twitter.

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