Looking for the Next Big Thing in NFTs? Look No Further

Withholding the CryptoFruitties NFT you get access to the amazing perks and stake in the upcoming original concept NFT platform.

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm. You can’t watch the news or check social media without seeing some kind of mention of them. But with popularity comes an increase in competition as well as cheap knockoffs. So where can you find some of the hottest NFTs on the market? Look no further than CryptoFruitties.

The Basics

The CryptoFruitties NFT collection consists only of 5,000 generative NFTs designed specifically to be your next profile picture (PFP). While most NFTs are just simple pictures floating on the internet, NFT PFPs are designed to embody the identity of their holders. Just look at popular PFP projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. NFTs should be shown off and displayed with pride.

CryptoFruitties has set out to provide its holders with an NFT to do exactly that. But the project doesn’t just leave it at that either. It also offers a dedicated platform for interacting with NFT content, a merchandise store for HODLers, and even a game!

Most importantly, holding one of the limited NFTs entitles you to a portion of a 25% stake in Evincity, an exciting new NFT startup. This provides real-world value beyond just the blockchain and ties the value of the token to the success and growth of a real business. So while Evincity startup evaluation grows, does your share, which will be a powerful incentive to hold the CryptoFruitties NFT. More on that below.

Benefits of Holding CryptoFruitties NFT

But the benefits don’t end with shared equity either. Other benefits include:

Holders will get a stake in upcoming startup Evincity (25% for the whole collection)
Holders will get premium access to the CryptoFruites based games with the play2earn model
Holders will get branded merchandise
Holders gain premium access to live events
Holders can use the NFT as an avatar in certain metaverses

Branded Merch

The quantity and type of branded merch will depend on the amount of NFTs held and can include a variety of different items like clothing and accessories. To claim the merch, holders must be actively holding the NFT. The release of merch will occur shortly after the minting event. The merchandise will be available via a merchandise store that will be exclusively available to holders.

CryptoFruitties NFT Ecosystem

In the future, CryptoFruitties will have a game on the blockchain called CryptoFruitties Slot Machines. The developers are ready and willing to take input from the community and implement it into the game to provide the best experience.

The Evincity platform is a non-selling platform for NFT creators, artists, photographers, collectors, promoters, traders, and those simply exploring the world of NFTs. The project focuses on building a platform that brings NFT creators, enthusiasts, and promoters together to showcase, appreciate and advertise the many different art styles and more.

Imagine a blend of Instagram, NFT Calendar, and a digital version of an art gallery show, except that the art wouldn’t be for sale — that’s what the Evincity platform offers.

A place where lucky owners can simply go and show off the valuable collectibles, creators and generative collections can advertise and be in the public eye, and finally NFT enthusiasts and curious may surf-like on Instagram enjoying rare NFTs and collectibles either choose the perspective collection or artwork to make a profitable investment.

Final Thoughts

CryptoFruitties is truly a one-of-a-kind NFT Ecosystem consisting of NFT generative collection, Evincity platform — a new concept NFT startup, merch store for the holders, and future game on the blockchain.

The limited NFT collection provides holders with a wide variety of benefits to enhance their experience on and off this NFT Ecosystem.

The NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain and can be minted for a $240 fixed price (automatically converted to ETH) which is an advantage in the context of constantly changing crypto exchange rates.

The launch date is TBA so be sure to join Discord and follow the project on Твиттер https://twitter.com/CryptoFruitties to stay up-to-date on all of the latest news!

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