London Start-Up Launches Nostalgic Candle Collection Inspired by Favourite Places


LONDON (October 28, 2022) – Individuals looking to replicate fragrances of their favourite place in their home, now have an ally in London start-up candle company – Society.

London, UK — (ReleaseWire) — 10/31/2022 — Scientists have discovered that smells are a powerful trigger for nostalgia and offers positive benefits of improved mood and reduced stress. For example, one might feel joyful if they smell a sweet shop fragrance or relaxed if they encounter fragrances from the spa. Unfortunately, one cannot linger in the sweet shop or spa all day to maintain those moods, but thanks to Society, evoking nostalgic memories of special places is now a kindle away.

Society candles are designed to evoke nostalgic memories of the user’s favourite place. The candles are expertly crafted from a blend of ethically sourced fragrance oils, premium vegan soy wax and wood wick, hand poured into reusable glass vessels. Together, the formulation delivers a clean burn that can last 40+ hours. Users can choose from an exciting collection inspired by The Spa, The Bookshop, The Sweetshop, The Florist, The Coffee Shop, The Perfumery, The Fireplace and The Barbershop. Not only do these vegan, hand-poured candles evoke pleasant memories, they are non-toxic, cruelty-free paraben-free and phthalate-free.

Society candles are the brainchild of candle connoisseurs, Jack Tomlinson and Dr Corey Briffa. When asked about the motivation for starting a candle business, Tomlinson explained: “In early 2022 I was reflecting on how, since the pandemic, we expect so much from our homes. For many of us, they are now our place of work, our place of study and of course our place to live. I’ve always loved candles but never really understood any of the fragrances on the label. I’m also quite nostalgic about cosy places like the bookshop, the florist shop, huddling around a fireplace and wanted to capture those experiences in candles.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a range of candles that could transport people to their favourite places. Perhaps when working from home, someone would like to capture the atmosphere of a coffee shop, or when they are relaxing in the bath, they can imagine they are at the spa. So no matter where our customers are, with one of our candles they can bring their favourite places home.”

Launched in early October, Society is already making a nostalgic impression on candle lovers. One customer who purchased the spa fragrance said: “This candle is such a beautifully deep and calming scent. I’m in love with the Society candles and the spa is my ultimate favourite.”

The Society’s candles are competitively priced and make great gifts for any occasion and any season. For a limited time, the company is offering a 10% discount off first orders. For further information or to browse the collection, visit:

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