Local Company Reacts to Best Icy Fall Video Compilations

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United Valet Service reacts? Idk, something about how they’ve seen a lot of people slip and fall on ice. While many times people think it’s funny, other times it’s really dangerous. Maybe UVS makes recommendations about de-icing pathways.

Carrollton, Texas – With winter comes ice, and with ice comes dangerously slick pathways. This season has already brought on several waves of videos and clips that have taken the region by storm, of people dramatically and hilariously slipping and sliding along. Videos of this sort of slapstick humor seem to be an annual occurrence each winter, and many enjoy watching compilations of these humorous accidents.

One local business has something to say on the matter.

United Valet Service is one of the Dallas-Fort Worth region’s highest rated parking management companies. The company’s crew members deal with treacherously icy pathways each winter, and so have suffered their own fair share of comic falls. A representative of the company watched several of top recommended videos wherein people are courageously but failingly navigating slick pathways and slippery driveways. After enjoying a good laugh, the tone turned serious.

“Oh yeah – these types of videos are always very popular. My son even sends them back and forth with his friends. But I always feel a bit worried for the person in the video – even a small slip can cause a big injury. I think it’s important to recognize and acknowledge that falling on ice is very dangerous,” stated the United Valet Service representative.

After a series of dangerous falls, many businesses all around the region have been flooding search engines with queries seeking out parking management companies such as United Valet Service in the hopes that their crews can help prevent customer injuries which can be costly – spiking insurance prices and sending future business looking somewhere else. Phrases such as ‘valet parking near me,’ ‘valet companies near me,’ and ‘valet service near me’ are even reaching a low trending status on a local basis.

The United Valet Service representative went on to say, “We’ve received many messages and calls about our teams’ ability to navigate and manage customers in order to minimize ice related injuries. We’re well prepared and ready to take on that challenge.”

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