Listening Helping Learning: Core Competencies of Process Consulting by Mark L. Vincent Is a Pioneering Book That Introduces a Better Way of Consulting

Listening Helping Learning: Core Competencies of Process Consulting is designed to help new and seasoned consultants learn a more effective approach to leader and organizational development. The book details the twelve core competencies identified by the Society for Process Consulting and then offers case studies to demonstrate their use.

Listening Helping Learning: Core Competencies of Process Consulting provides a proven blueprint on offering Client-centered help at the highest level. Rather than selling expertise to fix a problem, readers will learn how to create results by practicing the Twelve Core Competencies of Process Consulting, which fall into three categories: Listening, Helping, and Learning. Drawing on case studies from a wide and diverse group of practicing consultants where the respective competency was clearly in play, the book provides practical examples and connections to the real world, inspiring readers toward continual learning and development of their craft.

Ask and listen rather than sell and tell…as Process Consultants, [we] walk alongside Clients as guides and thought partners, rather than experts with quick answers that serve as temporary solutions,” says author Mark L. Vincent. With over 35 years of experience pioneering a variety of approaches to executive leadership and organizational capacity-building, Vincent is committed to a better way of consulting, one that honors the Client first rather than a product or solution. In these times of unprecedented change and uncertainty, Listening Helping Learning serves as a beacon of hope, both for consultants and organizations looking for more adaptive and iterative approaches to leadership and problem solving. “This book is in part for the rising generation of consultants who lived through [the COVID-19 pandemic], and who can see more clearly than ever the need to move away from transactional consulting in the direction of relational and transformational consulting.”

The authors’ paradigm-shifting message is that a process consultant joins with a Client in not knowing what to do exactly when facing adaptive or complex change. Instead of simply feeding the Client a boilerplate solution, a Process Consultant brings a non-anxious curiosity alongside the Client to design the process they will follow to go from where they believe they are to where they want to be. Then, in partnership with the Client, the Process Consultant listens, then helps, and then learns. This revolutionary message can build bridges between the thousands of organizational settings, business disciplines, and professional sectors that Process Consulting applies to, and the consulting community. It can inspire us all to re-envision how we view consulting as a whole, so that as a society, we can move toward a new generation of consultants that actually put their customers first.

Listening Helping Learning has been endorsed by well-renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. Edgar H. Schein, Professor Emeritus at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Pioneer in the field of Process Consulting writes, “In this important book the reader will find not only a clear account of what Process Consulting is…but what the relevant skills need to be for helpers of all kinds if they are to deliver real help to their Clients.” In addition, Senior Design Partner David Bell writes, “Following decades of coming alongside organizations and their leaders in his robust consulting practice, Mark now offers his wisdom in a logical framework to coaches, practitioners, and organizational leaders, alike…You will find yourself referring to the insights in this book time after time.”

With years of wisdom distilled into an accessible, profound, and engaging book, Vincent presents a revolutionary way of listening, helping, and learning in ways that transform individuals and organizations in the modern workplace. Available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, readers looking to breathe new life into their consulting practice are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

About the Author

Mark L. Vincent has 35+ years in organizational and executive leadership development consulting. He founded Design Group International in 2000, a Process Consulting Community of Practice. He also founded the Society for Process Consulting, developing its original curriculum. Along the way, he has helped hundreds of people establish or upgrade their consulting practice.

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