Lip-Flip and Lip Filler Procedures by SB Aesthetics Informs Patients Important Aspects They Need to Know

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Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, the MD in Plastic surgery from Santa Barbara, enlightens vital aspects of Botox-Lip-Flip procedure, including the traits of good candidature, differences between lip fillers, and Botox lip flip, and more.

Santa Barbara, CA – Dr. Robert W. Sheffield on Reveals Facts about Botox-Lip-Flip that Every Interested Candidate Should Recognize.  The plastic surgeon from SB Aesthetics, Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, shares information on theBotox-lip-flip procedure. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure in which a small amount of Botox Santa Barbara gets injected into the upper lip of candidates to make that lip appear fuller than before. According to him, this procedure is ideal for people willing to make their upper lips more visible. This cosmetic procedure includes a few injections on the requisite area for relaxing and slightly raising the lip. It’s a perfect substitution for fillers. However, still, some nesciences about this procedure are often seen among people opting for this procedure.

Furthermore, Dr. Sheffield discussed the differences between dermal fillers and lip flip. He mentioned that these two processes, though both are for fuller lips, swerve from each other based on the used injectibles and end-result. Santa Barbara Botox makes the upper lip plumper by relaxing upper lips muscles without increasing its volume in Lip Flip. But dermal fillers associate hyaluronic to confer fuller lips with added size. 

The discussion with Dr. Sheffield has also pated the topic of candidature of this procedure where he highlights that Botox-lip-flip is perfect for people who want their smile to appear less gummy. Besides, it’s also a solution for individuals believing that their upper lips are too thin to remain visible while smiling. However, they should indeed choose this cosmetic procedure over dermal fillers.

Adding a few lines, he articulated, “At our spa, we also execute lip enhancement or augmentation with using lip fillers Santa Barbara, but it’s for someone looking for a longer-lasting result and is interested in improving lip’s symmetry and shape. Effects of Lip Flip normally stay for 3 to 4 months.”

Describing the best filler for lips 2021 Juvederm procedure, Dr. Robert Sheffield, owner of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa, explained, “I do not recommend lip augmentation procedure for the patients who are not in good health. It is significant to know from the patients about the medication allergies or other problems they are facing. But, if you are observing drooping lips or signs of aging, then lip enhancement may be the right procedure for you. This simple and minimally invasive procedure will make your lips look fuller and plumper. Preferably, dermal fillers are used to make the lips and mouth area look voluminous. The popular products injected through lip injections usually contain Hyaluronic Acid or HA lip fillers. This natural content produced by your body is filled through injections in your lips.”

Dr. Sheffield Talks about the Procedure Involved and Guidelines to Follow

He cited that the procedure medical professionals follow in his medical spa takes a maximum of ten minutes. Besides, it doesn’t contain the need for anesthesia, as the pain involved is exceptionally minute. In addition, Botox injections are applied on the center and corner rims of the upper lip.

Moreover, taking rest for at least a day after the procedure, avoiding strenuous activities and smoking, moisturizing the lips properly, and brushing teeth with smaller brushes have appeared within the after-treatment guidelines he provided.

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