LINNER Deluxe – World’s first OTC hearing aids powered by MEMS Speaker
LINNER, a leading OTC hearing aids company, announces the launch of LINNER Deluxe today, the first OTC hearing aids featuring MEMS Speakers.
FDA-approved and backed by a listed company, LINNER aims to provide affordable and customizable solutions for people with hearing loss. The product offers exceptional sound quality, personalized settings, and innovative features, including MEMS speakers, sound therapy meditation, and UV sterilization.
Santa Clara – Aug 15, 2023 – LINNER, the leading OTC hearing aids company, is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of LINNER Deluxe, a groundbreaking line of hearing aids powered by MEMES Speakers that combines cutting-edge features with advanced noise cancellation technology. LINNER Deluxe will be launched exclusively on Indiegogo on August 15, 2023 8:00 Pacfic Time with a pre-sale price starting from $299. This is an early access offer with 40% OFF retail price for backers who support the campaign.
The US FDA moved to allow hearing aids sold without prescriptions last October, which offer an affordable and accessible solution to the public. Without tailored adjustment, these devices are intended to help adults with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. The OTC hearing aids amplify the sounds so that some adults, especially senior people with difficulty hearing, are better able to listen, communicate, and participate fully in daily activities. LINNER Deluxe is FDA-approved and backed by a long-established, listed company, now offering affordable solution to more people to improve their listening and life.
LINNER Deluxe, as a brand-new FDA-certified OTC hearing aids, is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, customizable settings, and an immersive listening experience, all while effectively reducing background noise. As the first hearing aid to use MEMS speakers, it elevates hearing aid technology to a whole new level. LINNER DELUXE enhances the hearing experience through improved core functionalities while also expanding the possibilities of hearing aid usage with innovative additional features. LINNER Deluxe boasts three revolutionary aspects within the hearing aid category:

It features MEMS speakers.
Incorporates sound therapy meditation.
A built-in ultraviolet sterilization lamp in a hearing aids case.

Customizable Hearing Experience: Tailored to People’s Unique Needs
LINNER Deluxe is truly a personalized hearing aids. The extensive customization options of LINNER Deluxe empower users to tailor the tone and volume to their unique hearing needs. By adapting to different frequency ranges, individuals can achieve optimal sound clarity and audibility personalized to their specific hearing requirements. Moreover, users can fine-tune various scene modes through the LINNER APP, adjusting voices, background sounds, and noise to suit their unique preferences. When connected to devices for watching movies or listening to music, LINNER Deluxe offers a range of modes, allowing users to indulge in a truly immersive audio-visual experience.
LINNER is a medical technology company committed to improving people’s lives through innovative solutions, had launched its hearing aids LINNER Nova on the Indiegogo in 2022 which was well received by many users. With a relentless focus on research, development, and customer satisfaction, we aim to redefine the healthcare landscape by providing cutting-edge medical devices across diverse domains. LINNER wants to help people get better hearing with cost-effective hearing aid solutions that cost thousands of dollars with traditional prescriptions.
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