Lighthouse Network Provides Patients With Different Options of Top Christian Behavioral Health Centers

Lighthouse Network is a reputable Christian helpline that connects patients to trusted mental health facilities.

Greenville, FL — (SBWIRE) — 07/19/2022 — The focus of every patient-focused rehab center is to help patients easily and effectively transition back into society. Lighthouse Network is a Christian-based helpline committed to helping patients struggling with behavioral and addiction problems by recommending trusted Christian mental health centers. The platform is a non-profit ministry focused on helping patients find peace, joy, and freedom through its services. Founded in 2003, they provide 24/7 life-growth resources to patients. Their procedures are seamless and effective. Patients have access to a care guide who provides solutions according to the treatment needs. The platform provides services for psychosis, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Lighthouse Network said, “We are dedicated to helping people struggling with addiction and mental illness achieve their God-given potential. We believe every individual can be saved by God’s power, so we combine biblical principles and psychological science to help patients recover. Through the spiritual and psychological solutions, we help patients live a life of peace, joy, meaning, purpose, forgiveness, fulfilment, and freedom. Our mission as a Christian organization is to apply psychological science and Biblical principles to equip people to apply the healing power of biblical truths fully. We help them effectively apply these principles in their lives.”

Lighthouse Network focuses on providing every patient with the best solutions and resources to overcome struggles of any kind. As a mission-minded organization, they have core beliefs and values that guide its operations. For instance, they believe that Jesus is a great physician and the perfect psychiatrist. They recognize his work on Earth as a work that involved healing as many people as possible. Mankind was offered both spiritual and psychological healing. They also believe that the Bible gives a precise description of how God designed our mind to work, and it perfectly describes how the mind gets attacked, injured, or bruised such that it leads an individual to sin and dysfunction. Therefore, those searching for a top Christian behavioral health center can contact Lighthouse Network.

The spokesperson added, “People are troubled by many things, and some of them may be very peculiar. For example, some people have all they need in this world, yet they think of committing suicide. There are also other folks who despite the emotional, financial, or relational problems, sustain a healthy mental and psychological state. At Lighthouse Network, our job is to quickly connect patients with Bible-based treatment centers. These centers handle matters such as anxiety, PTSD, addictions and substance abuse.”

Through well-trained and passionate care guides, Lighthouse Network provides patients with the necessary information and options needed to help them overcome their struggles. For trusted Christian residential mental health facilities, Lighthouse Network is always available to be of help.

About Lighthouse Network
Lighthouse Network is a non-profit Christian helpline providing mental health and addiction solutions to people struggling with behavioral health and addiction problems.

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