Lifestyle Fitness Coach Mariana Cadore Says F* the Diet and Sets Out to Prove It With Her Upcoming Book

Titled “F* the Diet: How to Get off the Weight-Loss Roller Coaster and Lose 1 Kg per Week,” the new book will reveal the missing ingredients to help readers lose weight and improve their lives once for all

February 25, 2022 – Mariana Cadore is delighted to announce that she will be releasing a new book in May, that will reveal secrets on how readers can lose excess fat and improve their lives. According to the lifestyle fitness expert, a lot of people need to do better with regards to taking care of their health and general body well-being and they think they don’t have time for this but it shouldn’t be that way. And so the new book was written to give them the tools and knowledge with which to do just that.

“A lot of people are currently finding it difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially after lockdown. And so I have leveraged my wealth of experience as a lifestyle fitness expert and put together a series of tips and strategies that have helped both myself and my clients on our wellness and fitness journeys. If you have problems maintaining a diet or sticking to a fitness regimen, then this book is for you.”

Titled F* the Diet: How to Get off the Weight-Loss Roller Coaster and Lose 1 Kg per Week, the new work by Mariana Cadore is expected to reveal the mechanics of her RESET™ method, which the lifestyle fitness expert insists has transformed her life and that of her clients as well. 

Set to be published in Spring 2022, on the 16th of May, F* the Diet: How to Get off the Weight-Loss Roller Coaster and Lose 1 Kg per Week will teach readers how to rewire their thoughts and change their behavior. Mariana adds that readers will also discover proven stress release techniques, guaranteed to improve rest and have them feeling refreshed each morning; as well as tips and hints on how they can eat tasty everyday foods while still maintaining their weight loss goals.

For Mariana Cadore, exercise works best when it is done with joy and on schedule. And so the author has also snuck in little pieces of advice that will guide readers on effective and efficient time management practices, to ensure the best results. The published author, speaker, and lifestyle fitness coach also revealed that, for a limited time only, people interested in ramping up their fitness lifestyle can get a free downloadable copy of the book if they sign up for her waiting list.

About The Author

From battling with anorexia as a teenager to beating fibromyalgia as an adult, Mariana Cadore’s life has been riddled with a constant fight with eating disorders. The former member of the Brazilian national rowing team remained steadfast in her commitment to living a healthy life and was able to convert her experience into a transformational lifestyle and fitness methodology known as RESET™ that has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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