Lifestyle: byCHANELL, a Virtual Content Creator With a Fierce Passion for Visual-Storytelling

Chanell ‘byCHANELL’, is a dynamic and creative personality based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. She began her career as a Content Creator on YouTube in 2006, where she produced short films and music videos for her 40,000 subscribers fanbase. She also collaborated with some of the platform’s most well-known networks, including AwesomenessTV and BroadBandTV ( 

Chanell resumed making public videos on TikTok ( in January 2022, where she has cultivated a following of over 66,000 individuals and amassing over 10 million video views. She uploads new video content daily recreating scenes from her favorite comfort movies and television shows. Her Instagram grew from 100 to 4,000 followers in two weeks when a video of hers went viral with 3.5 million views.

Chanell currently works full-time while also pursuing her photography business, and what a ride it has been! She is just glad to be able to express her heart’s deepest love of creating, and she is astounded by the loving and supportive reaction from everybody who comes across her content/work.

She began producing content 17 years ago and, although it may be difficult to believe, she has never completely stopped. She is captivated by the beauty she sees in others, strives to provide joy and laughter to those near and far, and sincerely appreciates everything that life has to offer.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication with a minor in Theatre Arts from Texas State University in 2015.

In a recent interview, Chanell mentioned, “‘byCHANELL’ has no limits. Think of it as a fill-in-the blank statement. While I initially created my business name with the intention of it being photography-focused, there’s so much more I do on a daily basis — photography, videography, editing, writing, music, design, etc. And it’s all done: byCHANELL. 

Chanell’s hope is to bring joy and laughter to anyone who comes across her content.  Her heart is eager to grow with her community by putting unorthodox ideas into visual narratives.

Chanell’s father has been her greatest source of inspiration. After all these years, he still refers to himself as her “biggest fan.” He gifted her her first camera when she turned 12-years-old. Chanell’s sister has been supporting her artistic spirit for many years and is the driving force behind why Chanell recently pursued her photography business. 

Finally, but certainly not least, her husband, Brian, is her rock and light. He is her high school sweetheart and they will be celebrating their third wedding anniversary this fall. Chanell continues to feel grateful for all the ways he encourages, inspires, and supports her every day.




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