Life Launch Centers Hosts Parenting Workshops to Help Guardians Effectively Handle Issues of Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide in Their Families

The parenting workshops are Iive events broadcasted virtually containing helpful parenting tips about mental health, from licensed therapists and professional counselors

Life Launch Centers is delighted to announce that parents and guardians with children currently battling anxiety, depression, trauma, and suicidal thoughts, can tune in to its monthly parenting workshops to get tips and steps on how to effectively manage the problem.

The mental-health-focused organization hosts its parenting workshop every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 6 pm.

According to Life Launch Centers, more families are currently struggling with mental and emotional health issues like never before. The World Health Organization reports that depression and anxiety alone costs the world about 1 trillion dollars each year.

Although it has been proven that children and young adults find it the most difficult to deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other related issues, parents, and guardians are often unaware of the presence of such troubles in the lives of their children, with many clueless as to what solutions can help.

Through its virtual workshops, Life Launch Centers features various licensed therapists and professional counselors who bring their expertise and wealth of experience, to help parents identify these issues when they arise and also offer helpful tips and strategies, to help combat their adverse effects.

Using its proprietary resilience model, the mental health solutions provider guides parents through a series of cutting edge solutions to help ensure that they can create a happy and safe environment at home, and also properly comfort their children whenever they discover signs of mental and emotional stress.

Depression and anxiety are higher than ever in today’s mental health crisis. This Resilience Model© is a combination of cutting edge brain-based research from Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Resilience Research.”

Anyone seeking more information regarding the parenting workshop can reach out to Life Launch Centers via the contact info below:

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